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OK, here is the link to Mecham's auction set for mid Jan (7th-16th).    I think this has been hashed previously......???  SO it's back.....

Sales doc pics show what appears to be a very stock GOose with a new logo slapped on the grill and given to the photog.......

What I do NOT see, are any pictures backing up ANY of the claims that Shelby had anything to do with the Boss 302, the side scoops and stripes, and a host of other bits.

No mileage is seen, no under car chassis photos, no pic's of the mystery tin can in the luggage area behind driver.  

Not a thing to support any of the modifications now seen on the car, excepting the emblem.

Any guestimates on hammer value?   I say $275 with a possible 25K for ownership trail.........  It is still a very nice looking car.....but for the seats...! (They look thrashed! )


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@mangusta posted:

What I do NOT see, are any pictures backing up ANY of the claims that Shelby had anything to do with the Boss 302, the side scoops and stripes, and a host of other bits.

I am skeptical of the claim! But I am fairly ignorant of the Shelby/DeTomaso history beyond the most basic story. If the mods are truly Shelby work, then quite the special goose this is.   If anyone knows something please chime in!

It's worth mentioning the existence of another goose, which may or may not have been altered at Shelby- (Black car with cowl hood)

Is anyone else baffled by the photos in the documentation section?

Shown is a  wholly different car with no spoiler or stripes. It's unclear to me if those are claimed as old photos of the same car.

Despite all the concerns, hopefully, the details are original and genuine. How cool to have a hybrid that highlights the shared history of the two cars in a visual way?! But only if it's genuine is it cool. If I had to speculate, (and I will) this car probably had a slight whiff of Shelby heritage, and later in the car's life, possibly at a time when values were low, someone decided to lean on that tenuous link to Shelby and play up the prototype angle.

Best of luck to the buyer and seller.

...I'm a sucker for the stripes and spoiler, I'd never do this to my own car but damn me, it still looks hot. I'd not heard of the Shelby connection, but is there any link even to the car in the original advertisements? At least, all 3 sets of pictures show an earlier car with switches down and one piece door panels. The quote of 250hp in the ad doesn't give any hint to a Boss engine, and funny that I don't remember the Shelby emblem on the grille before...even, I don't remember that grille. I thought that the scoops and spoiler were noted before as 'easy to remove' (so Mecum seems to be stretching a bit on the 'only one known with an integrated spoiler' (as if that was a unique build of the car...).

Still, pretty dramatic looking car...Lee

Earlier pictures of 8ma604 show it with the white stripes but w/o the Shelby grille emblem...and earlier yet with a louvred hood (I remember the owner had also an NOS hood for sale at one time) and a little more orange. With pictures back to a Vermont license plate, in red.  No clear connection to the Yellow car in the brochure.

  Oh, the good news--in every picture, still quite a looker...but what I'd really like to see is a GT40 with gullwing engine covers Lee


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Huh.  Google missed second car when I searched for the results of Mangusta sold....

OK, so Mecham actually posted the serial number of the second (orange) Goose as #716.   This was one of the FIRST Mangustas I ever saw up close and personal after I had bought mine.  

As stated in the auction, it was from PA, which is where I visited it when I was out in Philly for some business.  About a 5 hour drive from Philly.......

It had the sub 7K mileage on it when I saw it, apparently it hasn't been driven much at all....but it does look like it was detailed very nicely, as when I saw it back in the late 90's, it had all sorts of "fuzz" growing on the chrome bits and the leather from lack of "touching it" finger oils!!!

It was and IS still a beautiful car......  Unfortunately I think the owner sold 10 or so years back for way too little....., thinking he was never going to get the price of his 275 that he traded in.....I hope he didn't see this auction result!!!!

As for the SHELBY there a serial number for this car that is verified????? Lots of maybes....... anyone that can say for sure?

Regarding the black Goose with the Chevy hood on it......I thought I saw this car for sale out of San Diego ten years or so had been dragged out of storage from somewhere and was a sort of "mini-project" by some club members....., but I thought they got it running and driving.......... and it sold on before I could buy it!  ))))

Happy trails!!!!

604 seat pic....

Chrome instrument bezels,...solid leather steering wheel, MIA junk tray.....optional sharktooth AC vent pattern......sheesh!

OK, here is an example of the alternator in the RH most position on the bellhousing, where it sits to the RH side of the jackshaft.  #878 was this way and I think this may be only one of perhaps 2-3 others that I have ever see pictures of......    Will need to watch for this in the early #30 to perhaps #130th cars built for more examples? These earlier cars seem to be sorta scarce??

I like the finned SBF valve covers that have been cast or fitted with DeT emblems of sorts! Would like to see a better pic of them, understand who made them? SHelby?  ....just "what was" the rebuild spec????......

Upgraded AC (wonder if it works better!???

Home fab air cleaner and plastic air ducting....

Some kind of foreign looking spooge tank (?) in LH storage area???? 

Amber turn lens up front with bi-color out back, and metric speedo.....Int'l car to which country or likely converted for US?

The rectangular exhaust tips are interesting.....

Interior pic showing slightly different seat treatment.

Image 12 - 1969 De Tomaso Mangusta 401 built, only 250 exist | Spectacular Condition

I'd drive it!!!

...well, at least its clear that the last owner was truthful when he said the rear wing and fake brake vents were easy to remove...the racing stripes probably a bit harder. But interesting that the new owner removed the things that made it 'loud,' and underneath, well, its still a gorgeous car--dramatic and captivating as it was designed....But in terms of 'originality,' profoundly closer than it was and the remaining fixes pretty simple for anyone who cares.

   One more layer would probably find a wood steering wheel underneath all that padded wrap...

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I owned 8MA604 from 1992 until about 1998.  It was orange, had a louvered hood, a Boss 302, and nothing to indicate that had ever been owned by Shelby.  The first thing I did was to replace the clutch, which was slipping badly when I bought it.  I also replaced the thermostat with the correct one (the one with the "hat" that blocks the bypass port when the 302 Cleveland engine warms up), put a petcock in the outlet gooseneck to "burp" the engine, and rewired the three-wire window lifts with a two-wire-plus-relays system.  I have multiple photos of the car and a miniVHS video that I made when I was offering the car for sale.


Images (3)
  • Mangusta and DSR
  • 8MA604 Dash
  • 8MA604 Right Side

What a great forum!!!!!   Tom, thank-you for the updated photos of yesteryear!!!

You mention a 302 Cleveland.... was this an "Aussie 302" transplant, which "would" have required the Pantera style "hatted" t-stat.....??.   If it was a regular Boss 302, there was no special t-stat for that......regular "no-hatted" 289/302/351 and a host of others fit.....  Usually, these cars received NO t-stat as there was no provision for it to recess into the mounting portion of the T-stat outlet pipe (90 degree thing).....    MUCH better to put a t-stat in these cars!!!!

Amazing how much the last couple owners did to propagate the lie of Shelby lineage.....!!!!!   Thanks for the vintage photos!!!    Love it!!!!

Wait until the new owner finds this post (if ever!)!!!!    Would like to be in court the day this came to trial!!!!

Hi Steve,

The Boss 302 that was in my Mangusta seems to have had Cleveland heads, as the bypass port looked like it needed the thermostat with the "hat" to occlude coolant flow when the engine warmed up.  The car initially ran quite hot, but the blocking thermostat made it run cooler; and "burping" the cooling system also helped.  I hope there is no litigation over the alleged Shelby connection; that would just be a waste of judicial time.

Best wishes,


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