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If you are shipping 3, you will have to lift and tuck under at least 5 feet.

I use to have 5 complete bodies shipped in one 40 foot container. Two in front stacked---two in the back stacked and on in-between the 4 stacked bodies.

Did you find a repair body for your car? Good luck with the container.

Originally posted by goodroc:
Hej Kjeld, you might want to consider using a shipping company that does the Import and associated paperwork in i.e. Holland and save a lot of money compared to the current Danish rates.

There are new rules here in Denmark. Now we're back to the "old" system. No import tax, and only 5% "sales tax" for cars over 30 years old. This happened 1/1-2014. So no need to ship it through Holland, UK or other countries.

Read my article about it this saturday at
Kjeld, I had a good experience with:
Jeremy Barker, they did a good job of the paperwork, the transportation, and getting a low VAT. I paid €2500 for transport US-Rotterdam, €236 for insurance, and they got me a 6% VAT and no customs. Can’t get much cheaper than that.

I’ve heard Holland changed the rules. The point was, how to get the car cheapest into the EU. In all of EU there is (was?) a rule about classic cars in orig condition that are of broad interest, or something like that, can enter EU at 0% customs and low VAT (Holland 6%, UK 5%). Denmark, being the car hater country (or tax loving country) wouldn’t consider a Pantera like that, it has to be a one of a kind gold Rolls that someone famous committed suicide in. But the Dutch were a lot more flexible, so everybody importing classic cars, including me, used them, and they got all the income, Danish tax authorities got nothing. So it was brought to the EU. To make a long story short, I’m not sure Holland is most favorable anymore. And to make the story even shorter: Call Jeremy, he’ll know for sure. Say hello from me if you want, though it's been some years now.
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Originally posted by MarsRed:
Heine,I'm curious about the VW. Can you help me with any info or translation?

Well, short story is that it's simply about VW kitcars. And the author tells that a friend of his dreamt about a VW Gullwing when he was Young. There is sadly no story of the swedish VW Beetle on the Picture. Tried to Google something about it, but came up with nothing else than this Picture


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Originally posted by danishcarnut:
As of january the 1st. Denmark now is back to the rules as it was before the change in 2009. No customs, and only 5% tax if the car can comply these 3 rules:

1. Over 30 years old
2. Original condition
3. A model that is no longer in production

Simple as that....

That's interesting. How will handle project cars or damaged ones that are used for parts? With old rates I guess.

Thanks for all the advice.

Sonny 4233.
At the moment i think i have more than eunouf to look at with fixing this three. But thanks anyway.

Yes i will get a shipping Company help me with the paper Work.

Yes i think no problem with 3 (small)cars in one 40 feed container.

Yes i get 2 more cars, I am comming to New-york on 04-04-2014 for packing the container and stay until 15-04-2014. So a smaal hollyday at the same time, if i get the container packt well. I am hoping to find a shipping Company who can put the container Down on the ground so it will be easiere to pack.

Try to catch Karina at Fairplay, send her a mail, so have to waith and see.

Thanks for the info, like Heine is saying the rools for importing Classic cars to Denmark has change, so i will try and get it direct to Denmark (århus) and then with truck to my place Vodskov (close to Aalborg)
I am in contact with a couppel of Danish and American shipping companyes waithing for offers.

Regarding the Swedish VW on the Photo.
I am not chore, but it looks like something a Big custom car builder in the late 70 and early 80. Leif Melberg (past away to early many years ago)from Sweden has made.
He was building a lot of custom made SAAB with this color combination/design.
But agian i am not chore.

Dont worry, Money almost finish/garage almost full.


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