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...Wrong!!! The spacer is that 9/16" Thick chunk of aluminum Below the spring. You take that out. LEAVE the rubber shim in place; unless You Love squeaks, it is there to keep the Spring from rubbing against its' perch. Yes!! You will need a spring compressor to Disassemble the Spring, itself! You do NOT need a spring compressor to REMOVE the spring from the car; but you do need to jack the car up high enough to allow lowering the 'A' arms to their lowest limits, then the spring/shock will just 'pop' right out! Taking out the spacers will lower the Cat 1.0". Well worth the effort! I was always happy I got rid of them!...
The spacer is the aluminum piece between the rubber and the plate on the bottom of the coil over plate. Yes, you need a spring compressor to remove the spacer but be very careful. The rubber parts are reused. Removing the spacers will lower the car about 1” to the original Euro specs. On my car I was not able to remove the coil over assembles without disconnecting the A arm.

You are also going to need a gear seperator.
That is the best way to get them out.

If you decided to cut them out you would most likely mess up the spring pearch and the tubing wall of the shocks.

If you tried to cut them out with a cold steel chisel and hammer...even worse.

Get a gear sperator and plenty of penetrating oil. WD40 will work ok. You will be happy that you did.

The aluminum oxidizes on the inside diameter of the aluminum donut and acts like an adhesive.

The donuts are on very tight as a result.
I just did mine. I speak from a very recent experience.
My coil overs were new so the spacers slid off easily. If I did it again I think I’d find a shop to compress the springs and take the spacer out. I bought my own spring compressor and found it took a lot of misplaced courage to deal with the compressed spring. If it lets go it could really hurt you badly. Here is a set of old shocks showing what they look like disassembled These shocks are missing the rubber snubber the limits the shock compression that is shown on this one More info on the suspension can be found here and here

I'm not sure a spring compressor is the way to do it. I used a hydraulic press.
I had to build a special hat to sit over the top of the shock and be open on the sides to grab the locks and remove them.

Yes if it slips the springs are on the nasty side but mine only went through the sheetrock. If it was stucco it wouldn't have been any problem.
They just would have bounced around the shop a few times. NBFD.
Will, I used a hydraulic press(like the kind you get at Princess Auto with the jack). I cut a 3" pipe open and spread it open to gain access to the shims. Just make sure you have enough stroke to release the spring pressure after you remove the shims. You could take the springs/shocks to a muffler shop that does struts they have the proper type press for this kind of work. I left the spacers in and bought heavier springs that were 2" shorter. If you are keeping the stock shocks they are adjustable and you can change the settings while they are out. You can call me if you need help. 519-847-5392 home or 519-331-5174 days.
Richard T.
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