I am trying to find new shocks and springs for 514. I have looked at a set that I was told would fit but it is my understanding that they were for a aftermarket GT-40 suspension. I would prefer before spending the money to check to see if anyone might have a recommendation of what shocks I should purchase along with spring weights and overall lenght. All help is appreciated.
I do want to thank all who responded with great pics and info on the EFI questions. For some reason I can't post on my computer so when possible I use my sons laptop.
I just starting to get a bit of free time and back working on 8MA514, slow but sure
Thanks again
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The set that was on my goose was from Hall Pantera. I believe that they were Alden aluminum coil overs.
Larry Stock carries QA1 (Carrera) shock set ups for the Mangusta.
One listing shows Konis for a Mangusta; p/n 82V-1684 (frt) and 82V-1685(rear) were successfully used. Note that in 'old style' non-gas-charged Koni listings, the initial numbers are a mfg's date (1982 build in this case), so these shocks are far from OEM if that matters to you.
Jack, (and Rich!)

THose Koni numbers are long gone. He is referring to the (at the time) "aftermarket" shocks that many people put on the cars. Great setup!!!

However, they are not height adjustable, and AFAIK, not valve adjustable... They also used the stock DeTomaso rubber sleeve bushings, which must have used chewing gum for rubber. I tried some NOS shock bushings from a vendor, and in 6 months, they looked almost as bad as the ones I took out!!!!

I pitched the whole mess and went with Carerra/QA1's. I used the economy chromes out back but could never get a front shock to work properly and settled on the single adjustable aluminum DR (I think)series front shocks and like them a lot so far! 400# out back for springs, and 275# up front. Could probably get away with 250# and stiffen up the valving a bit. Run rubber bump stops all around!

Email me and I can dig up more info. A couple of guys have tried the DR series QA1's out back but say that they end up at the top of the adjusters...so you may need to put a 1" spacer in there.....to get the adjuster back down a bit.

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