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The seat buckets are very much like those used in TVR Vixen 2500s (and likely other models).  The buckets are just a fiberglass shell.

I will update this thread very shortly with a picture.  The yellow insert could be custom made.  It would just lay down the center of the seat bucket.

I wonder if somebody like Summit or Jegs have a generic aluminum bucket that these type seats could be created from?

I’ll post up over on the TVR board, and see if I can find more information about the availability of the buckets.

Thanks, yes close. I had a 2500M (California youth) and seats just a shell with paper thin pads but less deep shell .  I drove with a pillow...gave the TVR to my mother when came to France and she used it as a commuter for many years.  The show car and the other above seats would be easy to make but maybe the guys in Japan still do the yellow ones?

So here’s what I learned…

“TVR Vixen 2500’s use the same seats as S2 Vixens.  S1’s use a similar seat, but that seat has a low back design.”

Here are years of production and quantity of cars:

TVR Vixen S1, 1967 - 1968, 117 cars
TVR Vixen S2, 1968 – 1969, 438 cars
TVR Vixen 2500, 1971 1972, 385 cars

So they have about double the availability of the Bora seats!

I also did a bit of investigation on my seats, the TVR seat rails are 11” apart on the Vixen seats, and the seats are narrow at 19”.  They will fit in the Pantera cockpit areas, and in fact should have clearance for the parking brake handle and seat belt hardware.


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