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I need to access a website to find shrouded sucker cooling fans.

My car has been overheating. The repair shop installed two new fans, however I want to find shrouded cooling fans to draw more air accorss the entire radiator.

I saw pictures of a Pantera with mounted shroud while surfing but can not remember where I was. I would like to forward a picture to the shop.

Can anyone reccomend a link or website with those pictures? The topic may have been slant mounting the radiator. Can anyone help?

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Check out Chuck Melton's webpage under Tech Info. Also, this topic has been widely discussed on the Tech Forum. Just type in "fans" or "Flex-A-Lite" in the search. If you want to finished photos, there may be a car or two for sale at PI Motorsports ( that show these installed.

The FLX-220 is the one you need. JEGS and Summit sell it for $205 plus handling.

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