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Hi all, I have a set of Side Mounts for my -1 transaxle. They are the Hall units that the prior owner had gave me with the car. Now the roads are salted I want to put this on the car. Two questions:
1) What diameter and pitch are the threaded holes in my transaxle?
2) Is it best to remove the rear mount after incorperating the side mounts or leave it installed for more strength?
Thanks Jeff burn rubber
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2511 also is a rear mount car. It had Stainless steel side mounts, and the stock rear, when purchased.

I have been told the vendor side mounts are good for rotational support, but not total support.

I needed extra room when I upgraded my AC condenser, so I removed the rear mount. I spoke with Dennis Quella and Steve Wilkinson about this. One said it should be okay, the other said keep all three mounts.

Now, the ss mount was already showing some stress cracking prior to all this, but I went and removed the rear mount anyway. I've put an easy 4000 miles on the car since then, and things haven't gotten much, if any, worse.

I am in the process of adding a much stronger side mount system from another vendor/machinist that will be bullet proof. It is not aligning with my previous sway bar mounted plates, and we will need to redesign and fabricate new steel mounts for the new aluminum side pieces.

The bolts are 10 x 1.5

You can view the Wilkinson page with this info here:

Wilkinson's site has the parts and accessories catalog available, page for page. It lists all parts, including the thread sizes and pitch, and is one of my well-used bookmarks. It should be on everyone's bookmarks list.

WE NEED PHOTOS of the Hall mounts before we can venture a guess on their strength, okay?



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Pictures as requested.

Well, the ZF pieces seem more than stout enough.

The flat steel units look less beefy. Looks like they are designed to rest behind the sway bar clamps, placed over the studs.

All in all though, they appear stouter than the SS units I had on 2511.

It looks like you could use them by themselves and lose the rear mount. But then again, using all three wouldn't cause any problems.

Have you called Hall for their advice?

No Larry I havent called Halls. I will try. The fews times I have called I have had a tough go there. I will try to call maybe Bill will talk to me about them.
I didnt take a shot of the second half of the frame mount. It is of the same material. But it is from best I can tell mounted to the frame(welded in place). I can get some fastners today and get them mocked onto the tranny. Been a very busy Holiday weekend here.
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