I've had my Pantera for a month now and I've noticed:

Some 1971 Pantera Dashboards have 3 Air Vents and some have 2.

Anyone know what the story is ?

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I don't Know, but they never stopped me before in making up a story

there was a mandate to add a seat belt warning.  thus the original three vents dash deleted the center and placed the lamp there.

there were complaints of not being able to see the AC/Heater controls at night so a "wedge" was placed between the two vents for a dash light

the cost to cover the two pod dash was high so the no pod late dash.



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not the exact, I've done a "cut & paste" to make the illustration I wanted.

the top and bottom are in the parts books, but the center is my creation as It is the replacement dash I purchased.  (My original was the bottom but it was lost)

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