I have a blaster tank but it's not made for media / soda. I have seen that there is a soda blaster conversion kit that makes it possible to use it with media / soda.

My questions does it work well?
Is it custom made parts for blaster / soda, or is it normal T junction and ordinary shut off taps so I could make my own? ;-)

eastwood costs $ 90 Frowner
Harbor Freight $ 20 Smiler Unfortunately, not shipping to Sweden Frowner

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Hi Anders! I have the HFT soda blast conversion kit, but I have not installed it yet. I will take a look at it tomorrow. See if I can help you out. Rodney
These are simple brass fittings and shut off taps you can purchase at any hardware store. I cannot believe Eastwood ask $90 for the kit!
Under the red protective cap is an orifice, in ceramic material. It is 3/32 inch, or about 2.38 mm. This is the only special part. The hose in the kit is for "purge", or waste, so not under pressure and no special material. I do not see any issues with poor quality parts in the kit. You could make this with hardware store parts, but $20 plus shipping seems a good deal to me.


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Soda blasting has some good uses but is also lacks some benefits. It will remove paint without attacking the base metal what so ever. Original sand lines in metal will be left. You can do a piston for example without damaging the metal. You can do a carb without disassembling it. Just wash it when done.

Since it does not touch the base metal anything painted still needs a lot of prep work. It will also not remove rust or things like filler.

I had my Pantera stripped with soda then spent a month with a hobby blaster going over ever section. The hobby blaster will not hurt a panel but it also takes forever.

The hobby blaster however did clean the rust and rough up the metal just right for primer adhesion.

Here you can see what was left after soda blasting and the effects of sand blasting after wards:

Thanks for all help!

$20 plus shipping is a good deal but it cost me a lot more before it is at my garage, maybe $40. But I'll order a kit HFT than I know that it will work.

I take help by Husker. Smiler

I was thinking using soda to remove paint from the chrome trim, I've tried paint remover but it does not bite on the paint, the paint remover that is available now is not the same that existed before that could take away all paint. Frowner
Not even brake fluid removes the paint. Frowner

How do you do after you has blasted an area to see all damages / rust?
Spray you over with primer at once, even if you have to repair rust, etc., or are you waiting until everything is ok for paint and then blast again (properly) and spray a primer.
The risk is that sand accidentally fly on an already primed surface and damaging the primer. Frowner

I think I shall use Standox Etching Adhesion Primer.

Have anyone try Eastwood After Blast?
How do you do after you has blasted an area to see all damages / rust?
Spray you over with primer at once, even if you have to repair rust, etc.

Have anyone try Eastwood After Blast?

Wipe down any freshly blasted metal with phosphoric acid. That's all the "Eastwood After Blast" is, but available at your local hardware store for a lot less than $40/gallon.

The phosphoric acid will provide a zinc phosphate coating and prevent flash rust.
Originally posted by comp2:
Here is a panel soda blasted then sand blasted:

comp2 Have you blasted the inside of the fenders with sand or soda?
It was originally soda then I went over it with a sandblaster. It got the rust the soda did not get and it roughed the surface making it ready for primer.

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