*SOLD*1972 Pantera Pre-L Project #2569 *Price Reduced. $40k

*Car is SOLD* 1972 Pantera flat deck, less than 5000 miles. *Had sat in storage for more than twenty years. At least this is what I was told. Have now, since listing here, found out it was a "Flood" car with a salvage title. I received the vehicle with a clear Georgia Title. It currently has a clear NY Title.
I purchased it 14 years ago in the summer and put in storage over the winter. Had a heart attack the following spring and car was left in storage for a few years with only minor things being done to it. New rubber hoses and tuneup, etc. Firing it up ever once in a while to hear the rumble and smell the fumes. Life took priority and I finally got back to the Pantera many years later and made it road worthy enough to get it inspected and do some test driving. My older brother actually got to come to my place and we went for the first test drive together. He and I were very much into each others project cars. I wanted to make sure the transmission was good before tearing the motor down to do a rebuild. We put 35 miles on it and it ran pretty good. God, that was fun !
So I pulled the motor and tore it down. One cylinder had pitting from moisture and had to have a sleeve installed. Minor pitting in some other cylinders caused me to have the engine bored .030 over and I installed a Scat 408 balanced stroker kit . Found a good pair of closed chamber heads and sent them to the machine shop for a rebuild. New hardened seats, 351W seals, stainless valves, new bronze valve guides, Chevy big block bee hive springs, Scorpion pedestal mount roller rockers, 3/8" push rods. Cam is a custom grind spec'd by George Pence. Designed for the street.

Camshaft Spec:
Grinder: Bullet Racing Cams of Olive Branch, Mississippi
Telephone (662) 893-5670
Engine: Ford 351 Cleveland, 4V cylinder heads
Hydraulic flat tappet camshaft
Intake Lobe: #HF275/328 (CRA, designed for Ford 0.875 tappets)
Intake lobe mathematic centerline = 112° ATDC
Exhaust Lobe: #H287/3283 (CRA)
Exhaust lobe mathematic centerline = 116° BTDC
114° lobe separation angle (camshaft degrees)
Exhaust valve opening = 79.5° BBDC
Intake valve opening = 25.5° BTDC
53° overlap
Exhaust valve closing = 27.5° ATDC
Intake valve closing = 69.5° ABDC
275° advertised intake lobe duration
223° intake lobe duration at 0.050"
Intake lobe hydraulic intensity = 52
0.567" theoretical intake valve lift (1.73 rocker ratio)
287° advertised exhaust lobe duration
235° exhaust lobe duration at 0.050"
Exhaust lobe hydraulic intensity = 52
0.568" theoretical exhaust valve lift (1.73 rocker ratio)

Intake is a quad Weber 48 (Hall intake manifold). I also have a Blue Thunder Pantera manifold with holley carb.
Exhaust is a 180 deg header setup. I have Ansa exhaust and headers also. Big bore exhaust and headers.

Wheels are matched 8" and 10".
A lot of uninstalled boxed extras.
Aluminum radiator, stainless pipes, most of Pantera electronic add-ons, low profile headlight kit, etc.
My brother passed away un-expectantly and I lost interest in the car. Been sitting as is since with engine out of the car. Fuel tank is out as I was in the process of installing a side fueler kit I picked up.
Car looks a lot better in the photos then it does in person. Paint is old faded and cracked in places. The front passenger fender has some bondo in it above the wheel opening. Car looks solid but is a project car. I did not find any high water marks on the car to make me suspect it was a flood car. Looked again after this fact was revealed to me. In light of this information I will be lowering my price. Not going to break even on this one.
Recently retired due to health obviously.

Was asking $60k now asking for $40k


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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Jake:
1972 Pantera flat deck, less than 5000 miles.

I looked the info over a few days ago and it sounds like a nice car. If someone is interested, I will take a look and review it personally. You will have tp PM me or send a note to my AmeriSport email.

Good luck Jake.

OK, so here it is 1:30AM EST and I cannot sleep thinking about this. My conundrum is what to do since the revelation of this being a flood car with an apparently cleaned up title via Georgia DMV. I would not have purchased a salvage title car. Part it out? Crush it? Sell it as is with a caveat and disclosure of what I have now found out? I think I will pull the "For Sale" for now until I decide.

The car is no longer "For Sale".

You should continue to try to sell it, and let the buyers do their due diligence. All you can do is be honest about what you know, and let the buyers make their own decisions.

If you’ve gone through the car as it looks like you have - then you know it’s condition.

And don’t give it away. There’s a lot of people looking for Panteras, and a lot of parts are needed.
My late closest friend had a similar experience with his 550 Maranello Ferrari. He bought it with a clean title only to discover when he was selling it that a potential buyer had done some research and found that the car had a salvage and rebuilt title from another state. The result was that he had to take a much lower price to sell it. However, in a 46 year old car with such low mileage, so long as the description matches the condition, I doubt your car will have the same outcome, and you should be okay. Just don't attempt to conceal what you know, disclose to potential buyers.
I stand by my comment that its still worth what you are asking or close to it. I do not think a collector car such as a Pantera really matters for a very nice driver condition car. If its fairly rust free and has super low miles as yours seems to have, the super low miles offset the former salvage issue. Keep your head up and keep it for sale!

Was there any visible damage from water during the disassembly? The pictures from the registry appear to be of the car sitting in the salvage lot and to my knowledge from several non Pantera totals I have bought, they do not clean them up. That said, there is no visible water line on the interior or exterior. The interior shoot has a crashed something behind it and the cars are lined maybe like a pre-sale lot would have them.

I can guarantee you water that will total a car is nothing---6" could do it in a Pantera for insurance. It's very sad the flood owner thought it was a good idea just to trash the car for a quick payoff. Can you find the previous owner and ask him about the water damage---maybe non----washed it, dried the carpet and drove it???

If you would like a personal inspection on the body, shoot me a note to my regular email.


PM sent
I'll get some more photos of the underside/wheel wells posted to the album tomorrow. Car is solid. Some surface rust as normal for 46 year old car in spots where old rust proofing is deteriorated.
I am talking to an interested party but will consider offers above the asking price as no money has exchanged hands yet.


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