Chuck, thought I would go public and inform you that they were bid on, but I am awaiting payment, actually I am awaiting payment on 7 of 8 items that sold, wtf? lol! IF the money never materializes I will PM you, let's give it a couple days. Smiler

Isn't anyone here excited about those wheels? They were going to be the 'look' of my Pantera, they are really sweet!
all the parts are sold and nearly everyone is happy with the exception of this guy...

I spoke with Larry Stock at ( about buying a pantera driver side mirror to match the passenger side pantera mirror I purchased from you...When Larry informed me pantera "NEVER" made a passenger side mirror "ONLY" driver and that "ALL" pantera factory mirror`s were "CHROME"...So the mirror you listed as pantera is "NOT".Since the mirror is not factory pantera, I can not find a matching driver side. I expect to be able to return "MIRROR", I purchased from you for full refunded price plus shipping..Do you agree with this?...Please let me know I would like to reslove this "without" Paypal being involved.

I innocently sold a group of Pantera parts that were accumulated to restore my Pantera that I sold at a significant loss $$, and I get this? While the information is 'accurate' I know it is not technically a 'Pantera' mirror, they are still fairly commonly known as a dealer installed item on a fair number of Pantera's of that vintage. The guy likes the style, duh, he bought mine and now wants a driver side match, apparently pantera parts connection doesn't have any, does anyone here have one they might want to sell to this fellow so he has a matching set? Guy apparently is now convinced I was caught trying to 'mislead', what a JOKE!...over a pathetic low priced used MIRROR!!! I did lose money on the car and the parts but I am still the bad guy?
You could say ,
'upon further investigation I found out this mirror was installed as a dealer fitted item' therefore it did leave the dealer as a twin mirrored car. if you search a little more you may find the matching drivers side mirror that was fitted when the car rolled off the showroom floor.'
explain the fact that while it may not have rolled out of the factory that way, it rolled off the showroom floor that way. so as far as you can say it left the pantera dealer that way.
maybe that helps.
send him to someplaces that MAY have matching mirror that is real expensive !!
good luck !
ha, I explained it to him 8 different ways, he just wants me to 'admit' it is not a Pantera part and send it back, so he 'wins or something I guess? Do you or anyone have a link to where the driver side versions of this mirror are available? I will link him immediately! Thanks in advance for any assistance and thanks v8capri for your reply. Smiler
Mike, As stated the cars came from the factory without mirrors. Most ot he dealers used the square chrome mirrors, but some also used the racing style (like yours) see Mustang and Torino - Would need numbers to correctly id. The buyer should have done his homework over the course of the auction. Too bad he claims he can't find a match. Should you be able to casting numbers, a matching driver's side could be found.


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Here is picture from Mike's listing. Search Pantera Mirror in completed listings. Hell he even posted the casting number D1OB-17713. His listing was clear and strait. Sorry I side with Mike.

ps there are a few currently posted that are similar even some remote style (if you dont want to use just cut the wire)



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Sorry to disagree, but this is not a Pantera mirror. It is a mirror from another car (which?) that some vendors/owners installed on Pantera's. There are many mirrors that fit that category, if it was sold as a Pantera specific mirror then that is misleading. The only thing that would come close to a 'Pantera specific' description is the chrome Mustang mirror installed by Lincoln Mercury dealers.

Most Pantera owners that frequent here would of course likely know this, but that is not to say everyone is so educated.
I assumed, and we all know how that can go, that since he was acquiring the passenger side mirror that he might already have the driver side, and was looking to add? I also assumed he knew what he was buying. I started all 13 of my ads with "DeTomaso Pantera" and then listed the part to attract Pantera people to the products, not to mislead. I also assumed that he knew right away from the photo what he was buying and that it was the mirror of choice at that time by many dealers for a Pantera, so it is pretty acceptable and recognizable to the Pantera community. I think at this point he might just keep it and look for another, I tried to link him up to this site and perhaps he will join and seek assistance, he thinks I am a complete tool since I got a little defensive when HE ATTACKED without out of nowhere Smiler Thanks for the input and I am now selling what I think is a spare tire cover? Please someone tell me if it is NOT indeed a Pantera original part so I don't mess up again. It came out of a 72 Pantera, fwiw.

Please someone tell me if it is NOT indeed a Pantera original part so I don't mess up again

Yup, you're going to mess up again if you say this was an original, as in supplied by Ford, tire cover.

No such animal. Vendors made and sold covers, not dealer.

And since no Panteras came with a full size spare, so how could they come with a full size cover?

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