As most of you probably know, there is an effort underway by Michael Shortt in Savannah to start a new POCA chapter covering the Southern States except for Florida where we already have a chapter.

This was encouraged by the POCA Board of Directors because of the large physical geography for that region. (As Mr. Shortt says, its about an 8 hour drive from where he lives to Miami.) It is in no way meant to be a replacement for the SE Panteras Chapter in Florida.

We already have POCA chapters that are in close proximity around New York and New Jersey; same goes for Southern California and Texas. These chapters don't compete; they complement each other and often run events together.

More importantly, we have members in Florida and the "Southern States," separately, who are interested in taking their POCA membership local by establishing viable, fun and active communities of Pantera owners. This is good for the local members, for POCA, and for the marque. We congratulate both Sandi and Tim Clingler in Florida and Michael Shortt in Savannah for their efforts. And we encourage POCA members to support those people. This is what the club is all about - get involved!

If you have an interested in helping Mr. Shortt start up a new chapter in the Southern States, get in touch with Mr. Shortt. If you are in Florida and want to get involved there, contact Tim Clingler.

Jeff Detrich
Secretary, POCA
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It appears there is a Southeast Panteras Chaprer, based in Florida, and also the very active Space City Panteras (Houston) and the Dallas chapter.

Check out:


For more info.

They provide monthly newsletters and a great quarterly magazine.

PM me if you want more detail, actually a phine call would be the best to give you a detailed overview.


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