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That’s an interesting question.  

I don’t think most people would run the collapsible spare if they had a choice, I’d rather have a flatbed tow.

I don’t carry the propane cylinder (or my collapsible spare) and have heard horror stories about the effects of mismatched tire diameters on the ZF if used in the rear.


I think the biggest danger from actually inflating one of those tires wouldn’t be actually driving on it. No one in their right mind would go faster than 5 mph on one.

But who knows how that 50 year old rubber is going to flex and expand - explode - when you try to actually inflate it with that 50 year old OEM tank of propane or even a 12V air pump.

it might be interesting to place one in an empty fenced corner of the backyard (not a SWAT approved explosive vault, but better than nothing), hook it up to an electric pump on a very long extension cord, position yourself behind some safe solid object, and let her rip.






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I carry the original 14" x 6" BFG space-saver spare- the second version as the first issue '71- early '72, was recalled for defects. It's only good (as I found the hard way) for about 50 miles at 50 mph max and will indeed do a number on your ZF's LSD clutches. They are really extreme-light-duty 2-ply inner tubes with a printed tread, so smooth dry pavement use only.

Next caution- some gas bottles once sold for inflating the spares, used PROPANE as the pressurized gas! Anyone ever in the military well knows that a pressurize propane bottle is a BOMB. If the warning label on your says 'Danger-Flammable', that's what you have in your trunk. They HAVE blown Pantera hood and trunk lids off from overheating. BEWARE!

The even later spares made after 1980 NOT for Panteras- the 50 psi high-pressure spare that looks like a 16" x 4" motorcycle tire- barely fits canted in the rear luggage tub. With a dropped battery and some rearranging of the clutch and brake lines, it CAN fit flat in the front trunk. I suggest bolting it down so it doesn't go through the windshield in a collision, like one did in the original '71 crash tests.

Also carry an 18" bungee cord to hold the unlatched trunk lid down, as a flat tire mounted on any Campy 7" to 10" won't fit in the tub, either. Or your passenger will have it in her lap for the ride home.... Gr-4s were required by FIA rules at the time to carry a mounted spare at LeMans (at least for Tech Inspection),  so their 14"x15" wheel & tire was bolted directly on top of the ZF with a small bracket. Cobras at LeMans had to put up with the same nonsense.

There is a major problem in trying to present a Pantera as a totally correct concourse example.

The haphazard factory-produced mismatch of early, mid and late components seen on multiple cars, would seem to make it nearly impossible for a concourse judge to positively declare some component to be incorrect or be missing.

there is no factory documentation of every car produced that could serve as proof to convince a concourse judge beyond any doubt that the car in front of them was actually totally stock, or just a factory-produced miss-mash of components

I think only single owner cars with a solid 50 years of documentation might be the only examples one could correctly identify as being totally original and correct.


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