Guy's I have no spare tire and am not sure what and where to get one.

Also my emergency brake handle is connected to the cable lever with a cable. Not a solid link. I was wondering if anyone knows the length of the solid link ?  And the cable lever contacts a coolant hose coupling causing the system to bind. I'm thinking I should bite the bullet and replace all coolant tubes and hose couplings so what is the best set up / kit to buy ? It's all original so figure 40 years old. Not to be trusted.

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50 years ago many cars besides the Pantera had folding-sidewall spares. Today, many cars don't come with any kind of spare tire. BFG and G'year stopped making folding sidewall tires 25 yrs ago. I spent weeks trying to find one and tire shop personnel didn't even know what I was talking about when I brought one in. I'm told that Vredelstein in Europe still makes some sizes but I was unable to contact them from the US.  Any used ones you might find are 20-40 years old so use one at your own responsibility.You occasionally see display examples on E-Bay.

The next generation spare was the motorcycle-sized high pressure spare. I took a junkyard example from a mid '80s Thunderbird coupe, TIG-welded 2 of the 4 lug nut holes closed in the forged wheel, redrilled it to fit a Ford/Pantera hub and it fit with some rearranging in both trunks as well as on both ends of the Pantera. Now even those are less than safe to use. If you actually want to use one I have no solution except a cell phone and a credit card. Sorry-

 And even if you do obtain a spare tire that you can store and carry with you for that very rare time when it will actually be needed, just where do you think the flat tire you take off is going to fit? 

AAA, cell phone and tire plug kit/ compressor/flat-fix canister should solve most flat tire situations. 


The later model Town Cars/Grand Marquis/Crown Vics have a nice alloy "motorcycle" spare as Jack calls them.....that will clear the front discs......without any of the welding required! BOLTS RIGHT ON.  It is a 1998 and up.     (1995 version WILL NOT clear front brakes.....OK out back.....)

Both of the late models in pic have 10 holes, so you NEED to pay attention to the part number!!!!   F8VC= 1998 Town Car line.....and some others with the fancy alloys....  I think they may be made in Italy too!


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So how does one resolve the dilemma of offset tire diameter front to rear?  If you keep a spare that is the same as the rear diameter that will work for the rear but what about the front?  Will the same diameter fit?  This is all predicated upon the thought that there shall NEVER be a different diameter wheel on the rear left to right as a mismatch may not be good for the ZF.

Well, I guess you have to look at a couple of questions to decide your answer....

1) How many thousand miles are you gonna put on this thing?  Yes your ZF could get  unhappy but at an easy 40-45mph you likely are not stressing it....... AND we're talking about getting to the next place to fix your tire or safely tow you home, or get cell reception!!  Not driving from Vegas to LA on it at 85mph...... but likely that someone out there would try it!  ..shouldn't be allowed to own wrenches, let alone these cars.....

2) Why worry about front size.....only rim to disc interference need be fret for slightly smaller or larger, whatcha gonna damage??  Again, sane speeds gymkhana goin' on.....

Shorter answer....fuggetaboutit!  You're over thinking the entire thing!  Not incorrect at all, just over thinking.


I posted this a long time ago regarding the collapsable spare.

This is what I was told by the people who should know.
It can be run on the front not inflated but will be destroyed in only a few miles.
Inflated, it can be run on the front for several hundred miles but at reduced speeds.
NEVER put the spare on the rear. It will turn the axle shafts at different speeds and will make short order of the guts in the ZF which would make for a very expensive flat tire.
My tire expert told me to be safe and just leave it at home.
Doug M

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