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I was searching through the forum and they found pretty much too ways to look at it. Number one is : keep it original keep the spare tire

number two is : spare tires absolutely worthless just call AAA!

in any case, there is no reason to have this heavy thing in the back, taking up space for groceries and being absolutely useless!

I’m quite sure that this 50 year old foldable spare tire is as safe as a monkey with a loaded gun 🦧💥 - not to mention you either carry a pressurized bottle to fill up the tire or you have to have a air compressor with you and a jack and the big wrench for the wheel nuts and cross your fingers. It’s gonna hold up for five minutes… It’s about the same problem I had  with my 1974, 911 Carrera.. spare wheel, foldable… it’s just not gonna happen! And on top of all of that you cannot carry the Wheel you just took off in the trunk because it doesn’t fit, so it has to go in the passenger seat unless you have a passenger then you have to leave the wheel behind lol.. or the passenger 😳 (I hear the single life is not too bad )

So here is the idea I came up with:

the European versions had the spare wheel in the front and only in the US they moved it into the trunk area because of an crash incident with the spare tire flew through the passenger side windshield! Note the spare wheel in the front:


and here is my car…


I think it looks and fits perfect the only difference is, it is not a spare wheel!


The box contains tire, repair kit, air, compressor, first aid kit, a small assortment of tools, oil and brake fluid, spark plugs, spark, plug wires and other little knickknack!

I still have to make the foam dividers Once I know what else to pack in there, but all in all I’m quite happy with that idea!

and yes, I checked the clearance to the hood with the Play-Doh from the children. I got 1/4” clearance!

i’m just alternating my jobs on the car… Working on the brakes and suspension bushings, I needed something to stand upright, occasionally 😁


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I don't carry the spare.  Instead I carry a plug kit in each of my cars which has saved me a lot of headache on more than one occasion.  I can pull a nail out, plug it, and get to a gas station to air up and continue on my journey and replace or more thoroughly repair the tire later.

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