Can anyone advise on springs and shocks for the Mangusta? My customer does not want to spend a fortune and they must have adjustable spring seats.

I think we would like to increase the spring rate front and rear also. Any suggestions on spring rate?
I know Steve Liebenow has bought the QA1's and I might do the same. Any other suggestions?
The shock manufactures in the UK are very unhelpful.

Many thanks, Johnny
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I have Konis specifically designed for the Mangusta. I bought them in 1972 and had them rebuilt in 2007. I am sure they can put a set together for you. They are adjustable to refresh them, not change the valve rate. They are coil-over, adjustable in the rear but not in the front. You adjust the compression of the rear spring to raise or lower the rear of the car, that also makes the rebound stiffer or softer. The thing to do is to match the rear with the front in impact. Shocks are the foundation of safe handling, that is the place to spend money.
Why does he need new springs? It is a big engineering project to change spring rates, it is all trial and error with subjective evaluation.
My car ride impact is the same as my 2005 Corvette, which is quite comfortable. My tires are Good Year Eagle 275X15X60 in the rear and 235X15X60 in the front. I am going to sell them and change the front size to 225X15X60.

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Johnny, one owner in the past published that Koni # 82V-1684 SP-2 (front) and 82V-1685 SP-2 (rear) was found on his Mangusta and worked well. Koni based in The Netherlands once advertised a 'lifetime' warranty on their adjustable shocks if one kept the original purchase order. The first two digits stamped into Koni shock-bodies refers to date of mfgr while the SP-2 refers to the specific series of shocks. There are Koni rebuild facilities in most countries.
More recently, Koni began offering gas pressurized shocks with integral adjustable spring mounts that resist foaming, thus keeping the damping more consistant over a long run. High presssure gas shocks can also be mounted in any configuration for convenience in adjusting spring loads.
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