I am at a lost as to how to get this dented raised so I can unscrew to get the rack out. I can not get anything to grab the dent without destroying the locking collar. I was looking at using a Dremel to cut it some so I can get a tool in there to bend it up.

Is this collar available to replace?



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...Narrow Chisel Or (Not Your Best) Screwdriver, to fit inside the Slot, You need to get the 'Pry' Underneath the Indent, and Hit it with a Ball-Peen Hammer. When Aligned and reassembling...just tap it back into place, using a DULL Punch. I know most will use Two 'Pipe-Wrenchs' to Un-Screw the Collar. OR, To Hold One End….Chuck it up in 3-Jaw Lathe Chuck (Slide ROD Into Spindle) and LOCK the Spindle from turning, And Try a 'Strap-Wrench'. They use these on 'Rifle Barrels' because they DO NOT Mar the finish. If that doesn't Grip, You'll need the Pipe-Wrench.



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