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Hi everyone,

I think I need help again. My Pantera has a very weird steering problem. When I turn the steering wheel I have a higher resistance sometimes. It is not always at the same spot or angle, I can "muscle" through it. It happens when the car is on a lift too.

I replaced the rack and one u-Joint, seems a bit better but could be my imagination.

I suspected the spring behind the blinker plastic thing, but I can't see anything wrong.

Let me know if you have any suggestions?



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Thanks again for the replys. The nut is tight, I didn't see any obvious parts missing, but I will doublecheck with a diagram.

Sorry if I understood you wrong, but pushing the wheel down, I only compress the spring and don't move the whole column shaft down, do I?

I couldn't see any wear, steering rack is a new unit from Hall.

The play in and out in your steering column is indicative of a common failure point; the plastic bushings in the upper and lower steering column. This can let the lower end of the shaft float and the u-joints feel like they bind. The vendors sell bronze bushings to insert in the column and replace the plastic.

The lower shaft slip joint also becomes loose over time and there are a couple documented fixes, but that one should not cause binding, just some slop.


I think I found it, at least the resistance is gone now.

I try to  describe it in english, please tell me if it is not understandable.

I "degreed" both u-joints, so that they have the same angle axial. The X of the u-joints are in the same position, so when I turn the steering wheel they move synchronous.

I admit I haven't understood it fully, but it seems to be ok now.

Thank you all for your help!

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