Great Roads-Figueroa Mountain Road out of Solvang, don't hit Michael Jackson.
My firend Roland drove this road the other day.
Tail of the Dragon, follow the link.
I know it is the "F" Cars but wow what a road. He is the driver of the onboard footage. An F40 LM spec. It is the car in the Mothers ads. He said it was a great drive. A little more sedate would be any stretch of road on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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This road is a little further north than any I have posted previously, in Marin county California. This BITCHEN drive is called Bolinas Ridge Road


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The road up and over Mount Tam, Marin County, CA. That is why you see so many car commercials there. The road from I-5 up to the Mount St. Helens viewpoint. Wide sweepers...
I have a list of roads outside Petaluma, CA also, I need to find it. I have a Montana list somewhere also.
A friend of mine just drove a LeMans Pantera (72 and 75 I think) at VIR. Had a blast until the engine went. I was last rebuilt in 1978! Not as spot on as his F40 LM but he loved the V8 and sliding around a little compared to the F40. It is a real race cars he says...
Bill the Cat,

That New Zealand picture is breathtaking! It doesn't even look real! Which mountain range is that (Owen Stanley?)? Great picture.

I don't know the name of the mountains but the road is highway 8 leading south towards Twizel. It's a large flat plain north of town, easy to find on Google Earth.

A polarizing filter darkens the blue sky and saturates all the colors a bit. Good for controlling reflections on cars, too- viz:

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This is what our mountain highways looked like yesterday. I would trade this for what you got any day !! Waiting for spring.
Doug M


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Does anyone else besides me see a winding road through the forest, rolling hills or mountains; or a long straight road across a valley or plain; and get a longing to be behind the wheel in your Pantera (or Mangusta) experiencing those roads?
George, when this is the road to work, driving a Pantera through a gorgeous (and snow-less) mountain road is ALL I think about! Smiler


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Christmas Day present to self! Went for a cruise out Hwy 76, up Palomar Mountain in a hurry then down the backside, detoured threw Valley Center and back Home.
Nice relaxing run!



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I'm bumping this post to the top, and making it a sticky, because we need more pictures of roads that are fun to drive.

When you take your sports car out for a romp, take a camera, and take a picture of the funnest or most scenic part of the road ... then post it here and share it with us!.

I like roads!
Anyone headed to the Fun Rally going East on Hwy 40? Here's a fun little side trip you might want to try!

This little loop of old Route 66 goes through Oatman, AZ and covers about 60 miles. After passing through Needles you will cross the Colorado River, the drive begins at Exit 1, ending at Exit 44 and will give you a good workout. As one leaves Hwy 40, its under the rail bed, past Catfish Paradise the through Golden Shores (stay on the Oatman Hwy) - keep the speed within the law until you leave Golden Shores as we don't want anyone "detained" during the journey!

The road north is faily open and tempting, one might reach speed of 70mph or so but BEWARE! This piece of road has a few surprises in the form of a few 20mph dipsy-doodle S-curves that can be a nasty surprise.

The road will tighten somewhat when Oatman draws near,

until beautiful downtown Oatman closes in.

Oatman: craft shops, a hotel and restaurant and wonderful wild inhabitants that will eat right out of your hand should one be be so inclined (Wild Burro food is available in some shops). I happened upon these samples of local wildlife during a meeting of the Registry and the Ice Driving School Instructors.

I wouldn't park too close, nor corner them, who knows what might happen?

After Oatman, the road continues to climb to Sitgreaves Pass (Elev 3550) through many little curves and switchbacks.

Let me warn the traveler again: this road is not one where the driver wants to explore the limits of adhesion! When the road isn't bordered by rock walls and excursion into the scenery will start with a long fall. It looks like most of this will buff right out,

but still not something for your pride and joy to suffer!

Once over the pass, the road winds, dives, curls around down and through the rocks and ravines

to the gift shop and comfort station at the mouth of the canyon.

Here you can find t-shirts, curios, ice cream and plenty of parking while you stretch your legs. Don't let the crabby old bastard get to you, he's harmless!

These last few miles of straight road are filled with dangers - old hippies walking poodles, side traffic and a very BIG Angus bull that will stand in the road, in a dip, while you wait. Maybe not something to run into on your way to the freeway?

A few miles of whoop-de-dos and carefully following the signs will get you to Exit 44, just a few miles out of Kingman. Cheapest gas (by a dollar?) was at the Safeway store, try Hulapai Mountain Road, Exit 51.

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Went out this past Sunday with a friend, his 1996 NSX and about a dozen of his friends in assorted 911s, Mazda Rx7, and a few others.  We had a great run through Topanga up Fernwood to Tuna Canyon, down to Pacific Coast Highway, and then up through Decker and Latigo Canyons.  Great drive except for a late '70's Porsche Targa which locked up its brakes on a sharp curve sending the driver across the road into a barrier which damaged his car pretty good.  Fortunately with a little help bending his fender back, he could drive it home.  Otherwise a great day.


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