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I'm sorry I should have posted this here, net the tech area. Anyway,

I removed my rear calipers to install my new set of Porterfield pads and found a few problems.

Everything is in the photo.

1. The white plastic piece is broken and missing a piece. That caused the old set of pads to wear unevenly.

2. The E-brake lever on the indirect piston was bent as in the photo. I tried to straighten it and the brazed connection to the shaft failed. See the copper colored area.

3. I guess that when the lever suffered it's stress it also damaged the tiny teeth/threads on the male portion of the adjuster and now the female part slips when engaged in that area.

Has anyone got the loose parts or a good used or rebuildable left rear caliper and the little white plastic bit kicking around?

I've got to get by with the stock stuff for now, new brakes will come when the new wheels and V rated tires come. That's little way off yet.


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