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Sadly I have to report that my yellow Group 4 clone/tribute was stolen over the weekend from my 'secure' car park in Auckland, New Zealand.

I've flooded social media with it (around 1,000 shares from my FB page) and there have been reports of it being seen in one particular location. I have a PI getting local cctv coverage. Got to say though that it's likely already in a container on its way overseas. Please keep a note of the serial number - you don't want to be accidently buying a stolen car!

I had just got the car back from my engine builder - had only done 60kms in it before it got stolen


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Obviously the horse is out of the barn at this point. Very sorry about your loss  

I would strongly encourage my fellow owners to purchase an Apple AirTag or a similar locator with a large population of users. Airtags connect in the background to any device with the correct app installed, through any nearby Wi-Fi signal and can provide their location to the owner of the airtag. Some people are even using them to track international shipments.

another approach I would recommend is using two AirTags, one very well concealed and another one that might be found and disabled, giving the thieves a false sense of security.


Thanks Larry. I wish I had used an air tag.

I have a PI on it at the moment (the police here are short-staffed, uninterested, etc.,etc) and he is reviewing cctv from where it was stolen and where it has been reported as being seen. Facebook is a wonderful thing - I've had way over 1,000 shares of my post and quite a few reports of sightings, a couple of which have been verified by cctv images.

Here's hoping I get it before it is exported or chopped up.


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