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I have found a few sites offering stroker kits for the Cleveland and thought I would share them here. The prices can be all over the place.
But maybe some folks with first hand knowledge can input their experiences with em.
Coast High Performance
DSS Racing: link removed at the request of DSS Racing
Does anybody have any other kits that they know of?
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Lots of sources...

TMD (The Mustang Depot) - Often found on ebay. Avoid like the plague from what I've heard. Search the Ford Muscle (or any other Ford engine) forums for lots of unhappy customer stories.

Scat - I'm building a 383C stroker with a Scat forged rotating assembly.

Most of the stroker kits seem to use either Scat or Eagle rotating assemblies.

Some good reading...
Building a 351C by Dan Jones

The 351 Cleveland Stroker Crank by Dan Jones

351C Stroker Kits & Projects

Sellers of kits:

Flatlander Racing

RPM Machine

Custom Performance Racing

Coast High Performance

Northcoast Performance
> Does anybody have any other kits that they know of?

Flatlander Racing ( usually has
the best prices on SCAT Cleveland stroker kits.

> Strokerkits

They are local to me and sell SCAT 351C stroker kits. Flatlander usually
has better pricing.

> Coast High Performance

A local Pantera owner purchased a kit from them along with other 351C parts.
The kit itself was okay but the rest of the parts they screwed and it was
obvious they were not familiar with 351Cs. They did make good on the stuff
they screwed up though.

> DSS Racing

They have a new 393C kit with U.S. made pistons listed that appears to
be a better price than Flatlander. They also list a bunch of different
pistons for canted valve Cleveland heads (compression height, dish, flat
and downed). They appear to be originally designed for Boss 302 stroker
and Clevor stroker applications.

Stay away from Ebay and TMD (The Mustang Depo). Anyone can slap together
a 2.75" main crank, a set of rods and pistons for canted valve heads but
many of these parts are designed for 9.5" deck Windsor blocks using 6.2"
long rods. When used with the 6" rods required to have a reasonable
compression height in a 9.2" deck block, many times the piston skirts
will hit the crank throws. This requires the crank to be turned down
and rebalanced whioch can cost more than the cost of the kit.

Stroker math is easy so it's no big deal to piece together a kit as long
as you verify the piston skirt to crank throw clearance and realize most
(basically all of the reasonably priced cranks except for the SCAT cast
crank 9000 series) of the 351C stroker cranks are actually Windsor cranks
which require a snout spacer or timing set with integral spacer. If you
go the latter route, make sure the chain is not the Indian made Rolon.

A nominal unmilled 351C lock has a deck height of 9.206". Assume 9.2"
so there a bit left on the block for deck truing. If you get the deck
clearance wrong and end up with pistons sticking up past the block deck,
Cometic will make custom gaskets in any thickness desired.

The equation for stroker math is:

piston pin height = deck height - (rod length + crank stroke/2)

Piston pin height is also known as compression height. For a 3.85"
stroke crank and 6" rods:

piston pin height = 9.2 - (6.0 + 3.85/2)= 1.275 inches

For a 3.9" stroke crank (available from K1) and 6" rods:

piston pin height = 9.2 - (6.0 + 3.9/2)= 1.25 inches

For a 4" stroke crank and 6" rods:

piston pin height = 9.2 - (6.0 + 4/2)= 1.2 inches

Below are some possible off-the-shelf Cleveland stroker pistons. I don't
have time to clean up y notes and organize them now but I intend to put
this in a spreadsheet with some organization. Be aware some cranks and
pistons are designed for 5.956" 351W rods and require compatible crank
(journal width and diameter) and piston (pin diameter) dimensions. Most
use the more popular 2.1" journal small block Chevy rods. There are also
many rod choices (I-beam and H-beam, rod bolt upgrades, weights, etc.).

You'll need to calculate compression ratio using the piston dish or dome
volume and your head chamber volume. Many kit manufacturers will list
compression ratio versus head volume but these calculations make assumptions
about deck clearance (often zero deck), headgasket volume, etc. Always
double check their math.

The cheaper kits have cast cranks but forged steel cranks are available
for $300 to $400 more. Only a few of the off-the-shelf pistons are
available in standard 4.00" bores.

Dan Jones

DSS. Apparently designed for Boss and Clevor applications. The Boss versions
should have a short skirt but verify the skirt-to-crank throw clearance for the
larger stroke Clevor versions that were designed for a 6.2" rod. Boss 302 and
393C pistons would be for Windsor rods, 410, 427 are likely for 6.2" Chevy rods.
Apparently the pistons are made in the USA.

Boss 302 stroker pistons
That's an interesting kit. 4032 or 2618 alloy forged and machined in USA
1.300 comp hgt -3cc -13cc
1.250 comp hgt -3cc -13cc
1.090 comp hgt -3cc -18cc
1.165 -3cc, 13cc
4.00", 4.030", 4.040", 4.060" bores
flat dish and dome for open chamber Cleveland heads
have 4.125" bore versions for 749.95 1.090
also domed for open chambers
all use 1.5, 1.5, 4mm ring package actually Boss stroker pistons designed for
windsor rods not the more usual SBC
$649.95 for flat tops
$699.95 for dish
price with options

410W pistons
1.280 comp hgt -3,-18,-31, +7.5 cc

1.280 -22 cc

1.6 CH -31 cc
DSS cast crank kit $1,095.00 with flat top pistons, $1145 with dished pistons
but apparently includes rings and bearings and premium ARP Wave-Loc rod bolts.
Are they flycutting inline valve pistons for canted valves or are these dedicated
Cleveland pistons.

Keith Black Icon forged pistons
available in standard bore as well as over bores
1.191 CH
IC876 -3cc flat tops
IC877 -17cc dish std available ships today - make sure pantera block stays std with hone
IC881 -24cc dish (4.060?)

Probe SRS
1.2 CH 4.020, 4.030, 4.04 $504.44 to 529.14
-2cc flat top
-16cc dis

KB Icon forged
1.241 CH
4.00. 4.030, 4.040, 4.060
IC874 -3cc
IC875 -11.7cc $475.95

Probe SRS
1.25 CH 4.020, 4.030, 4.04
-3cc flat top $478.79
-11cc dis $529.14

1.25 CH 4.030, 4.04
-3cc flat top

KB Icon forged
1.266 CH
4.00. 4.030, 4.040, 4.060
IC878 -3cc
IC879 -20cc $475.95

Probe SRS (can get 3mm rings)
1.3 CH 4.030, 4.04
-2cc flat top $478.79 p/n 10677
-16cc dish $504.44 p/n 10669


4.030" only, 1.230" compression height -3.9 cc $581.81

1.200" CH flat top and dish -3cc, -20cc
1.275 CH" flat top only -3cc
4.030" only, coated
1.5, 1.5, 3mm rings
all have oil ring support bridge
Email for the lowest pricing on MAHLE Pistons or call at (603) 378-0090
$569.00 pistons and rings

Flatlander 393C $1195 1-94410 $1289 w/rings and bearings
$369 for cast 9000 series Scat crank versus - Flatlander
$199 for 6" SBC 2.1" journal Scat I beam rods - Flatlander
$475.95 for KB Icon forged pistons (dished or flat top) - Summit Racing

Flatlander $639 for 4340 forged Scat crank
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