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There's been a TON written on this subject on the BB. After reading (and talking) to a number of folks, I would:

a) Definitely go "puller".
b) Lay the radiator forward because it is easier to do the final hose hookups. The only consideration for NOT laying forward is if you plan on relocating the A/C condenser up front.
c) Flex-A-Lite makes a great dual 12" puller (FLX-220)shrouded assembly, available for $205 from Summit Racing. Just make sure that you do NOT "zip-tie" the assembly to your radiator per Jack DeRyke's instructions.
b) If you want something a little quieter (and more efficient), then go with the Spal 12" Medium profile "S" fans (# VA10-AP50/C-25A). You can find these at These involve a little more work in mounting, however, some would argue that at highway speeds, you get better airflow due to the LACK of the shroud. Cost is $199.90 for TWO.

For my money (and time), I'd go with the Flex-A-Lite set up. I did a Fluidyne last year and am sorry I didn't do the fans at the same time.

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