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I have large gaps in the corners (couple other places also) in the engine bay. I was thinking about using backing rod and 3m white self leveling seam sealer (masked off and applied in layers for a smooth finish)

Welding is not an option at this point

Any suggestions ? Warnings?

Thanks for any input


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Thank you for your great suggestions, Yes the body color does make those gaps stand out especially with the contrast of the black undercoating. Since I'm waiting for the cavity wax to set up and I have a couple other seams in the inner wheel well areas I figured I would deal with it now in as simple manner as possible.

Steve that's what I have been looking at using. Since some seam sealers come in a brighter white that looks like the ticket.

The huge problem with stainless is, it looks so good I'm afraid I won't know where when stop 🤣🤣  Under hood, under trunk, fire wall , inner splash shields, door sills, gas tank shield ,,,,,

Thanks again


- well do never weld it as chassis moves
- SSD no need unless you run your nice car in winter on salted streeds
- I used simple "corner edge cover" as people use to protect door- ends, if the gap is to big, go for the rubber usually used in Pantera for the hoods. This provides more "gap" cover..

Think any "edge cover_" is good enough

I used the same stuff as applies to the rear deck lit sealing..

Hope I got the problem right??

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