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Yes it is spring loaded, momentary.  So probably ON OFF ON.  The fact that it is recessed is what made me think it was factory.  

Actually the car did have a radio at one time. When I look up in the drivers wheel well there is a bracket still there and the antenna hole had been welded up prior to a repaint. So that may have been what the switch was for if it wasn’t factory.

Here’s a pic looking up inside the wheel well where the antenna would have been.  CD43F1EA-9D39-4604-A0C9-B89D979A1F98


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  • CD43F1EA-9D39-4604-A0C9-B89D979A1F98

I have an IDENTICAL switch in my car, and it's to raise and lower the antenna.  I assume it was a possible Hall Pantera upgrade when folks installed CB Radio's back in the day so they could extend the antenna for use with the CB.  At least that's how they installed in on 4033.  Note that the CB is long gone, but the switch is still there.

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