2511 has used a Mallory hi fire box and coil since purchase but I am now switching to MSD. 

The tach worked just fine without a tach adapter using the Mallory and MSD says an adapter is needed ..... IF ..... the tach does not work with their box signal. 
I am ready to purchase the 8920 MSD adapter but I’m curious if the adapter is always needed in light of the Mallory working fine without one. 

Can anybody clarify this for me??

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You do need the tach adapter with the MSD ignition but I found mine was no longer accurate. I purchased Jon Hass's tach adapter but I have not tried it yet, he can explain why the tach adapter is required.


Also have a look at his engine controller, it has some nice features, battery charger, ac compressor cut out, etc, plus a tach adapter built in. 

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