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I never had to do that… It never was that “blending into everything “ Under the dashboard, it’s just insane..‼️

It seems like they only had 5  colors, red, yellow, black blue and green … And it is beyond me how you would find anything from one to the other end… and if I do, I retrace  it over and over again…  My uneducated guess would be it has to do with age - My age - CRS

and then, here I am, introducing even more wires with stuff I want to add!

… any proper old person which wants to be in good standing and well respected requires an aid  -  walking stick, glasses, hearing aid, knee brace and such, BUT I  shall be known as the guy that runs around with a label maker..

what are the great solution for a problem that shouldn’t exist!

It should’ve come to me along time ago when I found the wires with the label “radio” on it! (I guess old and slow took place)

Today, the solution I ordered,  has arrived- totally rejuvenated, in good spirts and ready to entangle the wire mystery - tomorrow!

The best 60 bucks spent to keep my sanity! A label maker! (no submarine was sunk or harmed in the acquiring of this decoder)


I am going to label the hell out of the wires… It’s going to be great fun! IMG_1660


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