Dear EVO:

Thanks for your very well done coverage of the de Tomaso cars. I�ve been an owner of a 1971 Pantera for the last three years and absolutely love it. It�s awesome!

I�ve never driven a Pantera that �rattled a bit�, but because you said the steering was �slightly dead� I expect that your test car has a bad passenger side steering rack bushing. A repair bushing upgrade kit can be obtained from any on the many Pantera parts and service venders for about $40 US and it is an easy and complete repair. It should fix the �slightly dead� steering and the �rattled a bit� problem too.

The dashes and interior of the 1971 through early 1972 were much nicer (�suave�) than the later cars with the pressed plastic dash. As for the �beer gutted�� owners of the GT5 and GT5-S I haven�t seen any owners like that around Atlanta.

It�s hard to find a stock Pantera like the one you tested anymore because most Panteras of today have upgraded engines, suspension, brakes and 245/45ZR16 front tires (on 8� wide rims) and 335/35ZR17 back tires (on 11� wide rims). You might want to find an upgraded and well tuned Pantera and take it for a test drive, you would be amazed at the performance. With 500 HP they really move out smartly and can pull some amazing Gs on the track.

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Mike Dailey
Atlanta, Georgia USA

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