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@garth66 posted:

“I taught you everything you know. But I didn't teach you everything I know.”

...That's what My 'Irish-Scottish' Fiddle, Instructor, Micheal Mullen of 'Tempest', Said to Me! He also said, "You'll Get There!" As He demonstrated How 'It' is Suppose to be Played.

"How do You Get to 'Carnegie Hall'?" "Practice, Practice, Practice!!"

There were times, I would Practice 10 Hours in a Day...After 30+ Years, I'am about 'Two Clicks' Up, From Lousy! LOL. But, a Room Full, Can Dance To Me, All Night long! Best to have Perfect Rhythm, than Greatest Intonation.

I Like to Play the Slow Tunes, that Make Women Cry...In a Good Way.


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