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Thank you Garth,

I am trying my best to preserve this Pantera but I am not a professional crafts man. Just a hobbyist that can hold a screwdriver without getting injured. Had a few rodeos in life with cars and motorcycles, many lessons learned, and the right tools acquired over the years. Here are some projects that I finished prior of the Pantera.


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  • Superlite SLC
  • 1972 Kawasaki H2
  • 1963 Corvette FI
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Thank you Rene,

I appreciate the compliment. The interior wasn't exactly cheap but a Pantera is worth it.

Today I pre-fitted the passenger side rocker, again only held in place by sheet metal screws. I cannot ask for a better fit, especially from a handmade part. Gaps turned out really nice on both sides. Time to heat up the spot welder...

I did pretty much the same thing on mine a few years ago and it was finally finished a few weeks ago.

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Today, 4164 was bolted onto its body cart, strapped onto a trailer and hauled across the state where it will receive its chemical dip over the next few weeks.  I was on a six-month waiting list.

I have added a video link for the place which does the job. They finished another 1972 not too long ago.

Chemical Dipping a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera to remove all the paint and rust (


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