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...I found this on a Email add I receive from 'Harbor Freight Tools'.

I was skeptical over it because it is Manufactured in CHINA...until I went in and Examined it.

I Purchased one $11.99 USD

I can attest to the Quality of this Forging!! It is the most Heavy, Heavy-Duty Rachet I have held in My Hand. As a Machinist, the Forging is Superb! The Detents of Articulating Joints are Absolutely TIGHT! I am Impressed. The Ratcheting ACTION is FINE, Very Well Made. I challenge You to find any PLAY in the Entire Tool! 3/8" Drive.thumbnail [3)thumbnail [4)thumbnail [5)thumbnail [6)thumbnail [7)

Having Trouble accessing the Plugs, from around Header Tubes?? NO Clearance for All Your Other Tools, You Usually Use? (See Pics) This is Your Savior!

NOTE: The HEX on the Spark Plug Socket, Itself...I used to use It with a 12 Point 3/4" Box-End Wrench (see pic) It worked Very well, MANY obtainable Angles. Especially Convenient on Harley Spak Plugs!

I admit, I have not yet Tried this New Tool...Soon. They Were soon to Sell-Out.

Do Yourself a Favor and go check it out.


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Thank you for sharing, Marlin.

Harbor freight has definitely been stepping up their hand tool game in recent years. They now have enough buying power that they are directing the Chinese factories what to provide rather than just grabbing what is already in the market  

the manufacturing capabilities of China, versus the United States, are essentially the same. It is the difference of the quality of the materials used and the care taken to the details of a product that have rightly given Chinese items a bad name. They still haven’t really stepped up their game on automotive parts but I suspect even that will come around.


...A 'heads-Up'! I was just into 'Harbor Freight', to Pick Up My FREE Bucket, WITH any purchase $29.95 and Above. Membership Not Necessary (Bucket regularly $4.99).

I thought I would just check on 'Our' 'Articulated Ratchet'. No surprise, the price was increased from $11.99 to $ 17.99!! So, those who did Not hesitate to get Out and buy One...We Saved, and Are 'Up' 6 Dollars in Our Lives!


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