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Thank you for posting this.

I have placed an AirTag in each of my vehicles to serve as a low-cost LoJack system.

as the YouTube video points out, if you have an Apple iPhone it will notify you of the presence of an AirTag that is not registered/linked to your personal phone.

I placed an AirTag in my backpack while in Monterey this year, knowing if I walked off without it or it walked off without me, it’s location could be found very easily with my iPhone.


Thanks for sharing, husker. Apparently the app was just released a couple of weeks ago by Apple.

The major downfall however is there is no auto scan for nefarious AirTags. You must open the app to locate nearby AirTags.

Now if they would enable the android phones to join the AirTag net work and auto scan, it would greatly expand the potential market for the AirTags.



10-15 meters maximum Airtag blue tooth range apparently. Much less than the 60-80m BT range delivered by Tile. The Samsung android one is around 40m.

At least the Airtags have the feature that they do flag  if someone else's tag has been near your phone once it has been a few hours, if you have the app , and if you have BT on and if your in the 10-15m range. Lots of Ifs.

It then gives  you the option to have it sound off so you can find it to get rid of it .

Tiles don't do that so in a way they are more difficult to locate and get rid of if someone has tagged you or your car for their own purposes. 


an AirTag is not connecting directly to the owner’s smart phone.

A smart phone transmits much more information than just text and photos. It is constantly switching from cell tower to cell tower sending and receiving data entirely in the background.

an AirTag has a limited range and makes its connections using Bluetooth, connecting to Smart phones that have the AirTag app installed, using Wi-Fi networks. so an AirTag to retrieve a lost backpack in the sierra high country will do you no good.

but if your AirTag is near ANY app-equipped Smart phone on a Wi-Fi network it will communicate it’s location through the internet- in the background - back to its owners smart phone.

I did some errands earlier today in my F-150. Getting close to home, the AirTag connected with another iPhone on a strong Wi-Fi —  I guess my home Wi-Fi, where are the 🍎 icon is, is not strong enough to reach my truck parked in the driveway 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


AirTags will work worldwide with app-equipped smart phones. Some people are actually using them to track international shipments to confirm delivery.

that seems like a pretty large functioning range, don’t you think?😁



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