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I left Ottawa at 9 am and met David at the Orange Julep at 11 and after a quick pit-stop, we headed off to meet Ross and Mary who were visiting relatives in a nearby(?) town.

Thanks to the Montreal traffic and road construction season (all year long minus winter), we needed to haul a** to keep on-schedule and arrive at 1 pm. I had a harder time keeping up with David's 500plus HP than I thought I would, plus, I always get a bit nervous driving at 100mph in a place where they can throw me in jail and I won't understand what they're saying to me (French)!

We spent a couple of hours trading tips and stories with Ross before heading back into the Montreal rush hour. I finally made it home around 6:30, making this day the longest Pantera driving adventure I've had so far (7+ hrs of driving). The car ran great with no troubles at all. I now know that my car can spend and hour running at an average of 10 miles an hour and not blow up.
Originally posted by deeb:
Great fun Mark. We now know they can run all day long and can sit in traffic at 100 degrees. Next we gotta get into a rainstorm and see how that goes!

Looks like you guys had a great time, to bad the timing was bad for me, would have loved going for the ride. Maybe next time, I already tried the rain, better without
We missed you Robert, but understand that work pays for the hobby and not the other way around (yet...). I've tried the rain too, and prefer to avoid it when possible. I just spent three days driving a Formula 2000 car at le Circuit Mont Tremblant in pouring rain, and was quite ready for some sun! Like you said it would be, it was a total blast! My co-drivers were all owning Porsche GT3's and the like (one had a beautiful new Ferrari F430) and most had a LOT more respect for the rain after doing 360's at speed. Fortunately only one crunch and no injury (except a seriously wounded ego for a GT3 driver...). I wasn't the fastest, but was one of only two or three that didn't spin once in all 3 days. Must be all my experience at driving over-powered mid-engine Panteras!

Hopefully there will be more advance notice next time Robert so you can join in the fun!

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