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Pantera Someday, are you looking in Pantera Int'l and POCA, they both have Pantera's and sometimes really very nice ones at very attractive prices? I also did Google searches and e-Bay searches, and actually bought my Pantera from a guy on e-Bay whose Pantera didn't reach his reserve price. He had a phone number in the e-Bay ad, and I called him and just made a reasonable offer. Google searches locate Pantera's in magazines like Auto Trader and other regional versions of that mag. Sometimes the searches turn up old ads, where the seller hasn't even been advertizing for a while. You get to have no competition with any offers made! PCNC's website has a list of Auto-Trader type magazines you can search when looking for a Pantera.

Your picture reminded me of the CHP Pantera, ever seen it? Keep a close eyeball on that light bar!!

Best of luck, maybe you'll be upgrading that name to Pantera Now, I hope!
Obviously I'm not Deeb, but since Deeb's got a white Pantera and I do too, I noticed he lives in Canada, but you are listed in Alabama. If you live in Canada, or can own a Canadian Pantera, then I should tell you I keep seeing this 1978 GTS for sale up that way. Extremely nice, and I wanted it, 1978 Euro GTS Pantera, maroon and the asking price kept showing up around $28,000. To import a foreign vehicle is expensive and difficult though. Of course it's not my business and maybe you're interested in a Pantera close by in the USA, and of course you don't want anyone to know, so you'll have an advantage during negotiations. Thought I'd pass the info along. I'm positive the 1978 GTS owner could be located thru the clubs up there.... If I could only have had that car, it was nice! Maybe it's not your style or it's not available, but it's a sweetie.
What I am looking for is either a GT5 or widebody Pantera. I just had a question for him about a car that is in the area of where he lives in Canada. And yes I am a Traffic Homicide Investigator in Alabama,thats the reason for the avatar pic I have. I have my eye on 3,1 is a GT5,1 is a 73 GT5 clone,and 1 is a 71 GT5 clone.

And yes I look at POCA,PIM,and the other Pantera web sites and even personal web sites of Pantera Owners.

So in a way I know what I am looking for,and I am just taking my time until I find the right one. Because yes I hope soon I will be able to say Pantera Now.

I have talked and emailed a few owners and found out alot of info on the cars,and plus when younger I did my share of Hot rodding and racing. And I have always been interested in a widebody Pantera.

But I always like to know things,and get other peoples help in thing, I appreciate the advice and help I have gotten so far.
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Pantera Someday, here's a few links to help you "detect" the right Pantera you seek "clues" to "solve" the "case" of Pantera Someday's Pantera Now. I have a few detective buddies, and they aren't in it for the pay. I admire detectives, and that's the hardest job in the police force. So, happy to try and help. But, I'm sure you've uncovered these "leads" already. I went back and tried the link to PCNC's website where they had prepared a list of places to search for Pantera's, but that webpage has been deleted. Alas, it helped me, but I can't find it now. POCA has links to all the POCA chapters, where the local guys sometimes advertize.

If I hear of a GT-5 r clone, I'll contact you. On the subject of GT-5's, I've noticed that the owners have spent lots of money making them "just right" and the asking price has always seemed like a bargain, when I factored in the money spent to do all the work to them. It's almost like they ask what it cost for the modifications and just give the car and labor away. I even considered buying a GT-5 and just doing the body work to convert the fenders back to a standard Pantera. It would have saved lots of money, but I went ahead and just got a standard body Pantera and am ding the upgrades myself as a hobby. I like learning, so I'm learning how to do lots of things I never thought I'd do. I also meet lots of people doing the projects, which is an added benefit. When evaluating GT-5's, it is usually highly desirable to eliminate prosective vehicles with fiberglass fenders and just evaluate GT-5's with metal fenders. That's what I've heard discussed on this BB before. A guy my age had a heart attack two years ago and I said that could be me, so I got a loan on my property and just got one, since I knew it was one of those things I would regret on my death bed. It's brought me a lot more energy to deal with the stress and pressure (competition), so it's turning out to be a bargain. I've also watched Pantera's increase in value, consistently, throughout the years. This means they will continue to escalate in value, and it means they are a good hedge against inflation. Does it sound like I'm encouraging you? It's just good medicine, my man.... Nike says: Just Do It. You only live once, etc. If you get one and sell it, you will find yourself buying another one sooner or later. I say my income from self employment has risen as a direct result of owning a Pantera. See, like a drug addict, I have become more resouceful, and work harder, I get more word of mouth advertizing because I'm a happy guy to deal with, and since I don't have a drug habit, or gambling habit, etc., well, I simply tell myself I need to make an extra $300 to $400 a month to support my Pantera Habit. You may surprise yourself. You are going to be living a little more, I can tell. And more than a few cops have told me they are adrenaline junkies, that they get an adrenaline high when they pull a car over, and that's the part of the job they love, so I'm type casting you with your avitar as an adrenaline junkie, and you're looking at a thrilling adrenaline rush vehicle. Just do it on the track, or I may have to pull you over. (I jest, I'm not a cop, and couldn't pull you over, just having fun.) Happy "detecting" dude! VFI
Only if your in your Pantera and only if it is before 9 months from now,cause at that time I will be retired hopefully,and before then I hope to have my own pantera lol.

But I appreciate the help from all of you,have learned a deal more of info since I have found this site. and also Coz has been a great help also

And yes it isn't a site that I don't check everyday looking for the right one. The ones that has been listed on this post but others as well.

A 87 GT5 was posted here I think for $85.000 and it went to ebay never got close and now it is on this web site for only $69.900
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