Thanks for your question Bandit and welcome aboard. The GT5-S is a dream car for me. I have always loved the styling and the sumptuous interior. The build quality was also very high compared to the U.S. spec cars as well. Some owners I have spoken with have not been happy with the amount of power on tap after being saddled with the required smog equipment such as catalytic mufflers, etc.
As to value, a low mileage, very clean car with all of the proper EPA and DOT prices may fetch as high as $60,000.00. The lowest price we have observed for a GT5-S was $45,000.00 and that was an unusual situation.
The book DeTomaso the Man and the Machines discusses the GT5-S and hopefully any owners visiting this site might be able to chime in with their comments. Let us know if you capture one of these beauties. DAve!
I am within days of a purchase. I have had a certified appraiser go over every nut and bolt of the car, and it has come out with flying colors (minus a few things, wiper spray is not on target, new bulb needed in brake light, ect...). The appraiser rated the car 2+ to 1-. It is in great condition, and I will be paying 50K. The car is turn key, with nothing needed at all. Once I get the car to me, I will be posting pics of my new ride. Thx for the reply!!
Hey Bandit,
That is a very market correct price for a car as you describe. Does it have the EPA and DOT releases plus will it pass smog in your locale? Make sure about these things so that you don't get a ticket from the Feds to the car crusher! Send us some pictures and your driving impressions and perhaps we can publish a story in PI on your new ride.
I will inquire about DOT and EPA info. This is an Amerisport, and I have been in contact with Kirk Evans about the car. This car is what Kirk called a Grand Sport. He made 5 or 6 of these cars, and is the basis for what Detomaso used when they made the Pantera 90 and 200. He is going to send me all the original paperwork. This will include all importing documentation, and papers from Detomaso. Send your e-mail address to me at, and I will send you a few pics. Monday seems to be the day of reckoning!
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