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Offered for sale is the following:
1973 Pantera “L” with a 10/1/1972 build date. VIN# THPNML04397
Originally owned by J. D. Watters, Visalia, Calif. 

The body shows no sign of rust. (rockers, lower drains of rear suspension, internal frame, & floor pan).
The body was modified by the previous owner to accept the pre “L” bumpers which is noted in the photos. The hood has louvers, initiated by a previous owner.
Vitaloni Mirrors, Black side bezels, new rubber seals, new windshield rubber (one piece)
The body did have a few parking “dings” and welded metal disks, closing the “L” bumper holes.
All has been addressed and painted.
Pantera Electronics ATO fuse panel replaced original. Fans and headlight motors modified with relays to alleviate draw directly from ignition switch.
Original gray carpeting replaced with black carpeting.
The ammeter gauge has been replaced with a volt meter. (ammeter available).
Bosch window switches replaced original. Windows work.
Windows & “vent” window & doors received new whiskers and rubber.
Front Trunk:
New felt, dual master cylinder, new windshield wiper container and motor.
An electric/ mechanical stoplight switch has been installed & attached to the brake pedal arm bracket utilizing the two wires originally going to the pressure switch.

Suspension, Steering, Wheels, Tires & Brakes:
Flexible stainless steel brake lines from the original brake lines have been installed to original rebuilt calipers with new brake pads.
Koni Shocks
All suspension parts were cleaned to bare metal and painted.
New boots were installed on the A-frame ball joints and steering joints.
Engine Compartment & ZF:
Engine compartment stripped of the original tar undercoating, painted white.
Engine serial number on block matches the engine data tag.
Engine electronics modified to Dura Spark II, to include rebuilt Motorcraft electronic distributor, new electronic module, cap, rotor, & high energy coil providing spark through Accel 8.8, 300+ race wires in a chrome wire loom to new A25 Auto lite spark plugs.
Exhaust is exited through Hall’s Big Bore Headers and Hall’s Big Bore Tail Pipes.
A new slave cylinder was installed with a stainless steel line replacing the plastic line.
Fuel tank flushed.
Luggage insert, engine covers available (not shown in pictures with car)
ZF shifts smoothly through the gears and has a new bottom end gasket. 

Cooling System:
A new Fluidyne Radiator with two 14” sucker fans is attached to new stainless steel coolant tubes running through new grommets, and secured with new hoses and stainless hose clamps. 

The vehicle is located in Leawood, KS, a suburb just 15 minutes south of downtown Kansas City.
The vehicle is presented with a clean Kansas title.

Call 913-451-2004 FOR DETAILS


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