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Good morning, recent owner, working through the bugs. Can you post pictures of the bracket that holds the end of the throttle cable at the carburetor and your linkage set ups? I’m ordering a new cable and maybe a new bracket if there is one.

I do not have enough travel to open the mechanical secondaries.

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Thanks Rocky and Steve

the previous owner installed a high rise intake, the filter sits a few inches higher than the deck lid.

it looks like they fabricated a block or perch out of aluminum for the original cable mount and cable to sit on.

the cable is stretched and bent at an odd angle now.

anyone else with a setup like this care to post pics?  A bracket made to mount to the  carborator bolts would be the way to go I would think

The factory throttle cable is pretty much at it limits with the mostly stock configuration as shown in my photos.  Adding several inches to the manifold height could push it beyond its boundaries.  In an effort to get the correct length of throttle cable for your setup perhaps add a pair of coupling nuts and threaded rod to lengthen the cable temporally to get the proper dimensions and then have a custom one made.

Bell, here are some photos of a custom cable mount and linkage I designed for my car.  I mounted the carb 'backwards' so I'd have easier access to the primary side of the carb, as that's where the majority of adjustments take place.

The bracket that mounts to the carb linkage has a variety of holes so you can dial in the geometry you want.  A custom throttle cable is required, I got mine from Pegasus Racing Supplies.

I had some extras made up if you're interested...



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