Hi all. Wondering if anyone has currently available suggestions for a GT5-S wearing its original wheels? I don't intend to change these, but am wanting the most original tire option I can find.

Most of the posts and information I can find seem a few years old and apply to models prior to the 5-S, hence my updated and specific request for info here.

All very much appreciated,

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Yes I did, after many years of searching. I will be happy to share photos when it arrives from Italy.

In the meantime, trying to get a head start on the tire issue, hence my post.

Appreciate any help the members here can lend.
Congratulations, it's been a long haul to find your car, but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

It's fairly easy albeit expensive to obtain rear tires in the Pirelli 345/35-15, however fronts (used to be everyone was using Yokahama with a similar tread pattern to the Pirelli) in 285/40-17 are virtually unobtanium. You may find someone who has an old set stashed away but that's a roll of the dice.

The only matching set options I know of currently are the Michelin TB5 (partial tread dry, harder compound) or TB15 (full tread wet, softer compound).

Some have resorted to using race slicks with hand cut treads.

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Glad you found one on your taste.
What are the last 4 digids from the VIN?

About the front tires ,do you want concourse or a car that is good steering ?

When you want good steering you must go to : Michelin 255/45VR15 MXW tires.

Buy them in Eurrope and trow them inside the car to save shipping cost.

Good Luck,

A good looking and driveble tire

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