I have the same wheels and feel your pain. The standard tires for those wheels are the sizes listed in the screenshot from tire rack for the Toyo Proxes R888R series tires 

 While most owners fitted 335 profile tires, the 315 profile is not notably narrower when installed 

pirelli P-zero series has several models,  and if you mix and match between two models you can also get tires in 245/335 sizes

 If you have concerns about the Toyo tires wearing out too soon I would ask you just how many miles do you intend to drive each year? For most of us even if the tires only lasted five or 10,000 miles that would be many years of enjoyment 

 I am afraid even with a lot of searching you will not find an option any better than those two listed above.  Good luck 



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Front: Pirelli P Zero Rosso 245/45ZR16 (24.68 diameter)
Rear: Pirelli P Zero System 335/35ZR17 (26.23 diameter)
Δ diameter = 1.55 inches

The difference in front to rear tire diameter is a little less than ideal but the best you can do with 16 inch front wheels.

My Pantera was equipped with 315/35ZR17 rear tires when I purchased it. I felt the tires (25.68 inches diameter) were too small in diameter for the rear fender openings, which had originally been designed for tires which were 26.85 inches diameter. The 335/35ZR17 tire is obviously larger in diameter than the 315/35ZR17 tire, and although less than 26.85 inches diameter, it fills the fender openings better than the smaller diameter 315mm tire. 

Thank you all so much for this!  I'm very excited to bringing back a well documented car, that got much love from its former owner on this forum 10 years ago.  Full reveal coming shortly....

This confirmed all I had seen and researched myself.  Currently the car sits on 245/45 and 335/35 from the older Dunlop SP Sport 8000.  I certainly won't be driving 10k a year, but also really like the fitment of the 335/35 vs the 315/35 in the wheel well so leaning towards the Pirelli combo (even though its 2x the cost).  

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