I was wondering, would a 1 ton lever operated arbor press be sufficient to remove and install bushings or would one be a waste of money.


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bushings or would one be a waste of money.

The bottom looks too small to me, and you would have to ensure the press fits into the suspension "legs". I think the bushings only push out one way.... and my guess would be they push out the way that makes it as complicated for you to remove as possible.

We ended up slicing mine to relieve the pressure, then pressing out.

Good Luck

To press-out the bushings the press must have enough vertical clearance for the entire width of the control arm to fit.

They didn't design the control arms or the bushings to make those things easy to remove! I've cut-off the bushing "flanges" using a band saw and then pressed the bushings inward until they popped-out of the control arm eyelets. I used a hydraulic press, I can't remember how much force it took to get them moving.

The hard part of doing it the way I did was avoiding cutting the control arm eyelets as I sliced-off the flanges with the band saw.
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I'm one of those that did this project the hard way. I found out a few years after that there is a tool specific to removing these busings from Mueller-Kueps. My friend had one in his shop and I never even thought of asking what he used doe this type of job. Also, it's not a cheap tool so it's not very cost-effective if you plan on only doing it once.


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Originally posted by JFB #05177:
even with kits like the mueller kueps 609400, doesn't the large end of the bushing need to be removed?

When my friend showed me how to use the tool, the bushing he removed came out in one piece. It came out with flanged end (the big end) first. The same tool is also used to installs the new bushing. I wish I could have tried it on a Pantera control arm to see if there is an issue if any.
This is a pretty hard job no matter what you use. Cutting the tops of the bushings off, and then burning them out with a torch is one way, but pretty messy. That tool and the various fittings are the only way to go, and you'll still need help with some other things like a large socket....Don't remember what size, to push on the bushing. I still had to use an air ratchet to push them out. You won't do it by hand.

This is the one I bought.


The little arbor press will NEVER work.
I just want to share, compare to the work accomplished by everyone else, my effort today is “nothing”.

I had an opportunity and took my two rear uprights with lower arm to the work bench. I was very pleasantly surprised that the lower shafts pulled out just using the 22mm combo wrench as a pry bar.
Thus getting closer to tackling the bushings

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