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I know that this was started in another thread, but I thought I would start this up, as there are some GREAT pic's of some later cars and the configurations that were used!!!

Here are some shots of the "conventional" junk tray that mounts just fore of the shifter, and just behind the heater box in 90% of our cars.

It is 7.25"x7.25"x 2". Would appear to be of aluminum construction.

This is sitting as you would look at it from the drivers seat of a LHD car....

Top View- not sure if the screws are original.

Bottom View

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From Johnny Woods:

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I will post step by step pictures of the Goose retrim I'm doing when it's finished. Here's a picture of my friends car, it's the one we drove back from Rome last year. Notice the lovely Ghia radio blanking plate. The clip-on ash tray is from an aircraft and not original!


Note by moderator: This is from 8MA1216.

GREAT side view!
All the 'gadget trays' pictured are from late cars finish-assembled in Stuttgart Germany, using Mercedes, BMW and who-knows-what detail parts. An article in the Feb '10 POCA Newsletter describes the sequence of events, based on a suggestion from Wellis with further info from Roland Jaeckel in Germany. Armin Fischer verified he finished the last 55 Mangustas outside Stuttgart in a detail shop- roughly 8MA-1192 to the end of production including all the known right-hand-drive cars. So maybe we should be looking at early '70s German cars for a match for the pictured gadget trays....
Hey Boss, The yellow car above has the early dash (Steve's car is in the late 800 with the early dash) from my recollection I have seen early dashes up to 1068 and lates dashes as low as 820. Not all early dashes have the tinket tray, but I think all late dashes have them..

Don't know if there is any sense or logic. What's Steve say: 'Your mileage may vary..Smiler'

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