Turn lights I have on my pushbutton are of the single bulb type, the type with colourless or orange "glass". Are these exchangeable with the two-bulb types, in terms of fit?

The current ones:

The two-bulb type...
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Yup, sure are. If you get the right type. There are a LOT of similar two-color signal lights used on many different cars.

I bought my set from Panteras By Wilkinson, for about $250, over six years ago. I'm not sure if he still has any to sell.

I do know that I have the same lights for sale that I bought from Wilkinson. EXCEPT, the ones I sell are a later series piece made with a plastic, not metal, housing.

They only work on the L-model cars - the ones with the light pod, as shown in your photo - and require no wiring modifications and only a little trimming of the pod opening.

I've sold about 50 sets and have some ready to ship.

I include the adapters you will need, bulbs and full instructions.

I can sell you a set for $125 plus shipping at my cost.

Payment with Paypal.

Just ask if you have more questions.



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What is the adaptor for?

No, there are no stupid questions (at least, that's what I've been told Big Grin ).

Btw, one of the previous owners of #1239 did paint the turn light glasses to make them look like the two-bulb type Roll Eyes If you can afford a car like this, I can't see the reason to paint them, especially not as there is still only one light bulb...duh... Roll Eyes
What is the adaptor for?

The stock lights attach with screws at 3 and 9 o'clock.

The new lights attach at upper and lower corners. But the pods have no metal in those spots.

So, the adapter goes inside the pod, the new light housing outside, and they are gently tightened until the rubber gasket holds them in place.

Has worked fine for every set I've sold - and mine.

For those following this thread...

These two color lights are NOT a replacement for the early Pre-L turn signals.

Kid's car is an early pushbutton. It did not come with signal lights in a sheet metal pod, like the later L-model cars. It came with signal lights mounted in the small, chrome bumpers.

The photo he posted appears to be from a Euro car fitted with the non-USA 'eyebrow' bumper, with the L-model style pods below. This look came about when the USA cars changed to the pods when the rubber bumper was added.

Those lucky Euro guys did not need no stinkin' rubber bumper, so De Tomaso created the small 'eyebrow' bumpers to work in conjunction with the light pods that were standard in the bodies then being produced.

While the same stock all-amber lights are used for both the Pre-L and L Ford cars, the Pre-L small chrome bumper openings for the all-amber signals are quite a bit larger than the two-color signals.

I did borrow a set of the early bumpers and tried to see if the two-color units could be fitted to the bumper opening. I decided that while physically able to be fitted in the opening, I could not see an easy method to properly mount them in those openings.

The vendors may have stock metal pods available, and I know at one time Kirk Evans was working on fiberglass replacement pods.

So it is probably possible to remove the small chrome bumpers that came with the all-amber signals mounted in them, replace them with 'eyebrow' bumpers, and add the pods to allow use of the two-color signals. But not an easy upgrade project, to be sure.



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