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All of a sudden when I use the turn signal left or right all 4 lights flash on and off. Thought it was the hazard switch. Disconnected the hazard switch and jumped the red and yellow wires on the harness side. Put in a new 3 LED blinker and still does it. Only thing left is the turn signal assembly.  Could this fail and cause all four lights to flash?  Anybody had this or has an idea what could be causing this. Thanks, Tom

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Snake...the turn signals are 2 separate circuits. For 'Safety' they are wired Diagonally, I.E. Left Front plus Right Rear to one circuit and the Right Front plus Left Rear on the second circuit. Each circuit has their own Fuse. The safety is...should one fuse Blow-out, there will Still be a Flashing Light on 'That' Side of the vehicle.

You are correct in thinking the problem could be in the Hazard Switch or there is a Short/Connection within the 'Turn Signal SWITCH'. Something has 'Connected' the two circuits into two Parallel Circuits. I would also check the 'Wire Connection/Junction Block', located Just above the Steering Column, and the Fuse Block, itself. With both circuits flashing off ONE Flasher, I would expect the Lights to Flash at a Faster Rate!

Good-Luck in Your Testing!


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Parking and tail lights are split as Marlin says but turn signal/flashers are not. Since the emergency flasher has been removed that leaves only the turn signal switch or wiring as a culprit. Look for something shorting between the switch contacts or possibly a melted wiring insulation that is tying the two sides wires together.

Do you have any actual confirmation that what you ordered will be arriving with the correct connector?

I learned many years ago that a “replacement” part may or may not be the original OEM piece. And I’ve also learned that our vendors’ definition of “bolt-in”often implies bolt-in after sufficient modifications have been performed.


Very curious to see what connector is attached to your signal stalk.


I checked the photo on Wilkerson’s web site and it has the correct connector. The connector on the Pantera is white the one on Ebay is black. Also you can see the spade connectors on both and tell them apart. He’s been in the Pantera business for 40 years so I assume he would have the correct part. It’s been shipped in stock USA not from China, we’ll see when I get it and will post results.


Clean the earth points on both the rear lights both on the body and the light cases. Make sure the spade connections ae sound. You can get this cross circuit effect through bad earths that have slowly deteriorated.

Also the turn indicator stalk assembly looks pretty well the same as the one that was fitted to the 70's Ford UK Cortina which crop up occasionally.

It may have a close cousin that was installed on Cortina‘s, i’m not quite sure.

but I am quite sure the steering column is in fact a MK1 UK Capri steering column including the turn signal stalk and the ignition lock assembly.

To allow the column to be used in the Pantera, DeTomaso actually removed about a 12 inch section of the steering shaft and then welded together the top and bottom sections.


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