Changed out my hazzard switch and my blinkers are back!!! However, the turn signal relay seems to overheat and shut down after 5 minutes of the hazzard being left on. After a few minutes they turn back on.

I already got rid of one fire hazard in the ammeter am hoping that this is not its replacement.

Does anyone know the make and part number for the relay?

I may be asking too much but am really hoping I could get it at Napa!!!!!


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There are two flashers. The early one is 4 pin connection and the late one is 3 pin (Tridon Stant EP 35). In April 1972, the 4 pin type was still in use. The 4 pin type will need a conversion to use the Tridon Stant EP 35.
SOBill has done all the thinking for us again on this one.

Details are on Mike Dailey's great site:

John/Dave, out of personal curiosity, do we have an idea in terms of date or chassis number when the change was made to a three wire flasher? I don't remember seeing that in the Ford literature (TSB's).

The Ford parts book that I have shows that a flasher change (at least a P/N change) was made starting with S/N 3442. I have personally worked on the flasher for these two cars:

3266 (4/72 build date) has a 4-wire flasher.

4062 (7/72 build date) has a 3-wire flasher.

You guys are the best!!!
Went to the local autozone and picked it up for under $15. Hopefully that was the problem and in the event I have to use the hazards it will work for more than five minutes!!

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