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If anyone has broken turn signal switches that they no longer need I would like those switches to see if I can make working units for those of us that need one. SoBill taught me how to do the repairs however I have no parts to work with. I just fixed my own switch this past weekend with some spare parts Bill gave me years ago. I am wanting to find someone who can reverse engineer the parts so that I can make new parts with my 3D printers if possible. Louie

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When Bill Taylor started his repair service for the switches, there were no reproductions available. That is no longer the case

I know Wilkinson has them along with the Capri specialist teamblitz. I imagine the other vendors have their sources and there is a German seller on eBay, $265 delivered.

The German seller has sold over 50 so there must be a bunch of old ones sitting around. Hopefully you can flush some of them off of garage shelves.


Hi Louie

I'm John Taphorn and I would be delighted to help you out anyway that I can.  A couple of years back, SO Bill passed a lot of his knowledge, spare parts and tooling to me so that a resource would continue to be available to assist Pantera owners with their blinker switch.

The missing piece is replacement bodies.  If those could be 3D printed and tough enough to take the abuse, it would make any switch repairable.

Call me when you have a chance and I'll try to help. 713.553.5475



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