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I have two new seats without the seat tracks for sale.  They are located in Kansas City.  They are from Hall Pantera and are still in the boxes they were purchased in.  A fellow Pantera friend of mine owns them and he is storing in my garage due to an upcoming move.  He wants $1200 for them both.  Shipping on the buyer.  Dm me and I will get you pictures of them if you have some interests.  Let me know, I want them gone................LOL


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Here is a picture of one of the seats and the packaging.  I did not open the other box, the seat is as new as the one listed.  I will ship in the packages.  I showed that they came from Hall Pantera.  Anyone interested or needs different pictures just let me know.  Again, the seat rails are not attached to the seats so you will need to reuse yours or purchase new ones.  Thanks for looking



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@Mike A posted:

I will check them when I get home today and let you know.  I thought they all folded forward but not sure now that you ask.  My cars have been GT5S cars and they all folded forward.



Early cars had seats that would fold forward if two M8 bolts were removed . Later US cars had seats that were one piece and could not be folded . '80s cars hace seats that are adjustable and can fold forward and back via a lever on the side.


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