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Those are actually disappointing sales numbers to me. Considering they are low mile "originals"?

Here's what I think is happening with that. The problem is the term "original". There is no "governing body" that determines the level of originality of a Pantera. You are relying on the judgment or opinion of the seller. Is that unbiased?

I can state that when you go to Cobras, Shelbys and Mustangs that there are "Concourse rules" by which these cars are judged which in effect determines their originality.

I have seen cars brought in for the first time to be judged that the opinion of the current owner, the car is 99.9 to 100% original. Then after the judging results show the car is 275 points out a possible 999.

There is no judging like that done on Panteras simply because there is no organization that anyone considers to be competent to make those decisions.

That comes back to bite these "original" cars right in the buttocks.

Investors know this and as a result many if not all choose to stay away.

This also gives power to the "modified to owners taste" in order to drive and enjoy it.

Show me where that is going to change anytime in the near future? Maybe not at all.

So as it stands there is a slow rising of values of Panteras. A car that could have been purchased for $5,000 in 76, was 16,000 in 85, 35,000 in 2010 and seemingly 85,000 now.

Does that keep pace with inflation or maintain it's position in relation to other cars?

Maybe? One thing that I noticed has changed is that for a long time the resale value of a Pantera was neck and neck with the cost of a NEW Corvette.

It looks like that, for all intents and purposes, the Pantera has broken free of and has taken a significant lead?

Certainly everything isn't apples to apples here but people can't help but make comparisons and continue to do so?

One thing seems obvious though, the days of buying a nice driver for $30,000 seem to be gone forever but who knows for sure? The car is only worth what you can get for it on the day you go to sell it BUT it does seem that people approaching 'you' and asking "is that for sale" hasn't stopped so it's probably better to be in a sellers market rather than a buyers?
Originally posted by PanteraDoug:

"BUT it does seem that people approaching 'you' and asking "is that for sale" hasn't stopped so it's probably better to be in a sellers market rather than a buyers?"

I have never had so many people approach me trying to buy my Pantera as I have in the last 12 months. In just the last month I've turned down an offer of $80K and offers to trade for a brand new Dodge Challenger Hellcat and also for a New Mustang GT350R. I've even had folks track me down and call me at work. It's nuts!
Originally posted by RRS1:
It's a market correction. Prices have gotten ahead of themselves that's all. Diablo's and others are backing down too.

Agreed. The only thing that is still fetching the big bucks are the cream which still rises to the top. That's why the GTS got such good money, it appeared to have most of its original bits.

That red one that went for $59k was a steal.

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