Hi all,

I need to change my tyres and I'm wondering what is the best solution using my original wheels.

Today I'm using

front : 225/60/15
rear : 255/60/15

The rear ones being a rare dimensions are really difficult to find so what would be the best solution to get the best roadholding ?

Thank you for your clues !



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Hello laurent,
The only truely speed tire made in a 255/15 is the Pirelli scorpian P Zero. I believe it's ZR rated, originally made for the Ford Lightning truck. the tread is aggressive but looks great on cars, I wanted the speed rating for the stiff sidewall for road racing, I have them on my 70 Trans Am...set up for roadrace, even though I occasionly do the 1/4 mile. I run large sway bars, stiff springs and Koni's and it corners amazing for me. Did 1:42 sears point on scorpians, and low 11 sec 1/4 mile aired down to 20psi. Iknow am going to install the on my 69 427 roadster. I cant say enough obout these tires, love them.
A few years ago I put some 275/60 15 Comp TA's on the rear. They get rid of some of the original narrow track look, raise the gear ratio a bit, but make the speedometer even more rediculously optomistic. The tires were orginally made for the Chevey SS454 pickup!
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