When I last replaced my spicer u-joints I consulted a local specialty driveline shop. I wound up selecting the non-greaseable joints you mentioned. When I questioned their durability I was told they are often used in severe duty agricultural water pump applications, where pumps are continually outdoors or only sheltered by a crude cover. The rubber seals on that style are stiffer by design to prevent grease from being flung out during rotation. I was assured that they would hold up for many, many years in a car that is only occasionally driven.

A side benefit is you will not need to clean up far-flung grease after your annual lubrication routine.

Originally posted by midenginemike:
How many miles did you get out of your u joints ?
Mine didn't last long. Local 4x4 shop says the spicer life series
Non greasable joint lasts longer.

I had a joint almost fail a couple of years after I purchased the car. Better safe than sorry, I replaced them all. Especially after seeing the pictures of what happens if one lets go. Ouch!!

I put 2 pumps of fresh grease in them every spring and they have lasted ten years and tens of thousands of miles.

But, as Larry points out. The non greasable ones may be better.

Doug M

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