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While replacing the cooling system on 5714 I found this harness and can’t remember unplugging it? One wire goes to ground the others go to the + and - side of coil. I thought maybe it went to a previous distributor but it does not reach. Any help would be appreciated C88C2CD3-4980-422C-8825-9F53F9C0EEA2C88C2CD3-4980-422C-8825-9F53F9C0EEA2


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  • 3952CD7C-BE48-4CD0-8EF3-80E489753CC4: Harness
  • C88C2CD3-4980-422C-8825-9F53F9C0EEA2: Harness
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Definitely not a factory connector. My first thought would have also been distributor.

so you are able to trace the wires leaving the connector to their termination points but you cannot find the device that the connector mates with?

Logic would dictate that connector has to plug into something within its reach. Can you provide a larger photograph of the general area or share more details as to what you have touched, moved, or fixed during your project?

BTW, in your photo on the right hand side there is a red wire that looks to be heavily wrapped in electrical tape. If this is something you inherited I would definitely open it up to confirm it is a good connection.


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